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dandy cap


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Dandy Cap

Extra info:
dandy cap

Nature bequeathed a dandy cap atop the slender, bowed stalk. Gills pucker on its underside. It takes its pigment from the sap that weeps nearby.


Dandy caps, along with Spotted shagspook.pngspotted shagspooks, are among the defining environmental features of fungal biomes, which contain large numbers of these fungi. Similar to other environmental features like trees, dandy caps do not pose any particular danger other than obscuring line of sight, potentially hiding creatures, Brooding goldpuff.pngbrooding puffs, or other dangers.

The colors of dandy caps are dynamically determined based on the colors of nearby weeps that are present in their fungal biome. For example, in a fungal biome that contains Honey weep.pnghoney weeps, the dandy caps will be brown and yellow.