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grazing hedonists (Loved100 Reputation)



Corpse Dropped

human corpse (90%)

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750 XP

XP Tier




Extra info:
  • This creature is unique
  • Weighs 201 lbs

Limbs* (Humanoid): * Excludes limbs granted via mutations

"Let the manes put off their terror, let them put off their aqueous bodies with fire.
      Let them draw together the bones of the metal.
      Selvaggia, Guiscarda, Mandetta,
      Rain flakes of gold on the water
      Azure and flaking silver of water,
      Pallor of silver, pale lustre of Latona,
      By these, from the malevolence of the dew
      Guard this alembic.
      Elain, Tireis, Allodetta
      Quiet this metal."
      -Ezra Pound


The alchemist is a member of the grazing hedonists faction who resides in Bethesda Susa, on the third level of the ruined ward.[1] They are a mysterious figure with a special love for all things liquid.


The alchemist is a hermit and a liquid-tinker who has set up their workshop within the depths of Bethesda Susa. They purport to be a "connoisseur" of liquids, but claim to "dabble" in other states of matter as well.

The alchemist seems to be well known in Qud, at least amongst other liquid-tinkers. ichor merchants will occasionally mention their desire to "plumb the depths of Bethesda Susa" in order to meet the alchemist. Hortensa names the alchemist as an "amateur liquid-tinker, poet, [and] merchant", and claims their methods "aren't scientific", warning the player to be careful around them.


The alchemist is notable for selling one dram of every kind of liquid in phials, with the exception of water (which they have but won't sell).[2] This includes some exceptionally rare and valuable liquids such as cloning draught, neutron flux, and brain brine. They do not restock.

Item Quantity
Corpus Choliys 1
phial of acid 1
phial of algae 1
phial of asphalt 1
phial of black ooze 1
phial of blood 1
phial of brain brine 1
phial of brown sludge 1
phial of cider 1
phial of cloning draught 1
phial of convalessence 1
phial of gel 1
phial of green goo 1
phial of honey 1
phial of ink 1
phial of lava 1
phial of molten wax 1
phial of neutron flux 1
phial of oil 1
phial of primordial soup 1
phial of putrescence 1
phial of salt 1
phial of sap 1
phial of slime 1
phial of sunslag 1
phial of warm static 1
phial of wine 1
phial 1d4+34-7 (Avg: 5.5)


Despite being a merchant, the alchemist is by no means weak. When in combat, the alchemist will attack by violently exploding, dealing ♥10d10+250260-350 (Avg: 305) damage to anything caught within the blast radius. The explosion is considered neutronic and has a force of 15,000.[3] This kills the alchemist.

However, the alchemist is also quite conflict avoidant: they will immediately cease hostilities and begin fleeing from threats if their hitpoints fall below 99%[4] of their maximum.[5]

Belonging to the grazing hedonists faction, the alchemist normally will not initiate attack with the player or other creatures, but other creatures in Bethesda Susa will attack them, like eyeless king crabs or lurking beths. Clearing out the floor so no creatures of an opposing faction will meet the alchemist is recommended to prevent untimely neutronic-related death.


Speaking to the alchemist grants the Quiet This Metal achievement.[4]


Subpage: Alchemist/Conversations


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