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Bethesda Susa
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Bethesda Susa

Eons-shifted stone entombs the angleless architecture of Bethsaida's lair.


Bethesda Susa is a mid-game dungeon that the player is sent to with the quest Decoding the Signal once More Than a Willing Spirit is complete. For a guide on clearing Bethesda Susa, see Bethesda Susa/Guide.

Spoiler Warning: This article contains information normally only found in the course of advancing the main quest line.


Strata Name Temperature
0 surface 25°
1 ruined wharf 16°
2-4 healing pools 7°, -2°, -11°
5 abandoned ward -20°
6-10 ruined ward -29°, -38°, -47°, -56°, -65°
11-12 abandoned ward 2 -74°, -83°
13 cybernetics ward -92°
14-15 cryobarrios -101°, -110°
16 Temple of the Rock 25°


An example of the surface level layout of Bethesda Susa.

Strata: 0

Temperature: 25°

A fairly typical jungle exterior with marble ruins and a staircase leading downwards. Commonly populated by cragmensch boulderers, brainers, and the occasional luminary.

Ruined Wharf

An example layout of the ruined wharf.

Stratum: 1

Temperature: 16°

An underground river passes through here from the zones to the north and south.

Healing Pools

An example layout of a healing pool stratum.

Strata: 2, 3, 4

Temperature: 7°, -2°, -11°

These three strata are quite similar, each containing a unique Troll. The first healing pool is guarded by Jotun, Who Parts Limbs, who carries the bronze key needed to unlock the down staircase. If you are neutral with the Trolls faction, you may simply trade for the key instead of defeating him.

The second healing pool is guarded by Fjorn-Kosef, Who Knits The Icy Lattice, who holds the silver key needed to proceed. Again, they may be traded with if the player's faction reputation is sufficient.

The final healing pool is defended by the invisible Haggabah, Who Plies The Umbral Path, the third and most dangerous of the trolls. Haggabah possesses the gold key required to advance. Unlike the previous Trolls, trading with Haggabah is a bit more challenging due to his Invisibility.

Abandoned Ward

Stratum: 5

Temperature: -20°

On the 5th stratum down is a chrome platform which can be used to skip the next 5 strata, taking the player all the way down to the 11th stratum. Stand on it and activate the control switch to go down. This same elevator can be recalled to anywhere in its path by using the button stationed there, and can be used to re-ascend to this stratum.

Ruined Ward

The alchemist's humble abode.

Strata: 6, 7, 8, 9, 10

Temperature: -29°, -38°, -47°, -56°, -65°

Eight strata below Bethesda Susa you will find the alchemist in their workshop. Speaking with them grants an achievement. Be wary of provocation, once hostile the alchemist can, and will, go out in a blaze of glory (Meaning that they will attack with a neutronic explosion, which will likely kill the player character).

Abandoned Ward 2

Strata: 11, 12

Temperature: -74°, -83°

The 11th stratum holds the destination platform for the elevator from the 5th level. If the elevator platform is not present, it may be called to this strata using the control switch. If wanting to descend, the player can jump into the deep shaft to arrive at the 12th stratum, or can just take the stairs.

Cybernetics Ward

Cybernetics ward Bethesda Susa.png

Stratum: 13

Temperature: -92°

On this stratum are four becoming nooks.


Stairs to stratum 15.

Strata: 14, 15

Temperature: -101°, -110°

If the player has no cold resist at all, they can freeze solid on these strata.

There are six cryogenic chambers on the 14th stratum, and the intact ones are filled with cryogenic mist. A phase spider has been spinning phase webs at the east end of the floor, which are one possible way of passing through the fused security door sealing the stairs downward.

Saad Amus, deep in an icy slumber.

Stratum 15 contains six more intact cryogenic chambers, several of which contain (in a frozen state) potentially game-ending creatures. Also, there is a (non-frozen) juicing cannibal carrying a fully operational missile launcher. If the cannibal explodes open any of the chambers, the player may be forced to confront:

To the west is another chrome platform and control switch to go down a single stratum to the final level.

Temple of the Rock

Temple of the Rock layout.

Stratum: 16 Temperature: 25°

If the player has sufficient reputation to enter the holy places of the Mechanimist faction, this is a peaceful level, and the player can even loot the chests found here without provoking hostility. If not, they may be forced to confront a variety of dangerous Mechanimists, including Phinae Hoshaiah, High Priest of the Rock.

The player can make their way to the baetyl located slightly east of center of the zone to advance the Decoding the Signal quest. The control switch behind the baetyl will reactivate the entrance elevator leading back to the previous floor.

A lone disciple of the Sightless Way will always spawn somewhere on this floor, though the Mechanimists are not friendly to them.


This section is opinion-based. Your mileage may vary.

Players should be prepared to deal with increasingly low temperatures as they descend, as well as to fight or bypass the inhabitants and hazards of Bethesda Susa. Some things that may help:


  • Bethesda Susa can be playtested by wishing for 'stage4'.
  • Before game version 202.78, the four strata below the Temple of the Rock were named: Amplitheatre[sic] of the Mind (stratum 17), Morphorium (strata 18-19), and Genesis Chamber (stratum 20). However, these deeper levels were procedurally generated, using the generic 'ruins' tiles and layout, and were populated principally by lower-level creatures found elsewhere in Bethesda Susa. They were not connected to the levels above with stairs, and as such, were inaccessible without a spiral borer or similar means of digging downwards. These strata were then replaced with generic subterranean caves, before being revamped in the 7th Plague update (game version Since then, the subterranean cave generation has been augmented with unique features, a twinning creature template, and regular pits down, leading to the cradle of Girsh Bethsaida (stratum 30).