Ceremonial vibrokhopesh

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ceremonial vibrokhopesh
Ceremonial vibrokhopesh.png
Adaptive PV
average: 7.5range: 3-12
Commerce Value
PV (Unpowered)


Charge per Use


Charge Used For

Adaptive Penetration



Skill Used

Long Blade

Mods?Mods this item can support
(subject to additional logic & rules)

longblade, blade, melee weapon, general



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Ceremonial Khopesh

Spawns in


Extra Info:
ceremonial vibrokhopesh

A ribbon of azzurum runs through the hilt and pilots the outer arc of phantom steel. The blade's edge blurs into the script of a dead stanza.

Weapon Class: Long Blades (increased penetration on critical hit)


The ceremonial vibrokhopesh (sometimes to shortened "vibrokhopesh" or "CVK" fanonically) is a tier 7 long blade that deals significant damage and has the Vibro property. This means that its PV will match the target's ♦AV, like a vibro blade.

Unlike the vibro blade, the ceremonial vibrokhopesh has no slot for any energy cell. Instead, the vibrokhopesh uses a Zero Point Energy Collector to power its swings. It is vulnerable to EMP blasts and normality fields. The vibrokhopesh cannot store charge, so if the Zero Point Energy Collector cannot work for any reason it will become unpowered.

It requires 3 turns to fully boot. The turn spent equipping it will have the vibrokhopesh emit a buzz. Once fully booted, it will hum. If forcefully shut off, it will emit a clack.

Saad Amus, the Sky-Bear and all clones of Saad Amus, the Sky-Bear spawn with one equipped in their main hand.

Zero Point Energy Collector

Main article: Power#Zero Point Energy Collector

The Zero Point Energy Collector (ZPEC) is a EMP-sensitive part that charges the ceremonial vibrokhopesh depending on the current world that the blade resides in.

As long as the vibrokhopesh is in "JoppaWorld" which is the starting world that the player starts in, the ZPEC will generate 40 charge a turn, offsetting the vibro charge use of 20. Charge also generates in "OrbWorld", but this world currently cannot be visited.

How the ZPEC exactly works is unknown, but is reality distorting and cannot work under the effects of normality. This means that being in a normality field or normality gas will cause the ZPEC to stop providing energy to the vibrokhopesh.


This section is opinion-based. Your mileage may vary.
  • Modding a Vibrokhopesh to be Sharp adds +1PV, which means the sword's PV will always be one greater than the opponent's AV. This allows for a higher chance of multiple penetrations in one combat round.
  • Since ZPEC produces 40 charge per turn but only consumes 20, you can add up to two elemental damage modifications to the vibrokhopesh without needing to supplement the power consumption with energy cells.
    • Each modification can add an additional 6 to 10 damage, depending on modification. If you aim to deal with robots it is recommended to use the electrified modification; on the other hand, modding the vibrokophesh with freezing can make up for low agility, since frozen enemies are easy to hit.
    • Installing the energy cell, however, might aid in situations when ZPEC fails to function, such as being under influence of normality field or normality gas. Elemental parts, such as ArcGenerator, will prefer ZPEC over the installed cell, so energy will not be wasted.


Caution: This article or section contains unverified speculation and should not be considered canonical.
  • A khopesh is a variety of sickle-like sword, with the cutting edge on the outside edge of the crescent, believed to have evolved from battle axes. The ceremonial vibrokhopesh is purely a long blade, however, and has no function as an axe.