Saad Amus, the Sky-Bear

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Saad Amus, the Sky-Bear
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Humanoids (Loved100 Reputation)





Corpse Dropped

human corpse (90%)

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875 XP

XP Tier




Extra info:
  • Weighs 201 lbs

Limbs* (Humanoid): * Excludes limbs granted via mutations
Saad Amus, the Sky-Bear

Saad Amus, called the Sky-Bear, whose princely bearing, fibrous physique, and pale complexion grant the impression that he was chiseled from some celestial stone of alabaster, casts his furious gaze on the world.


Saad Amus, the Sky-Bear is a unique creature that is found within the second level of the Cryobarrio, located within Bethesda Susa.


Saad Amus, deep in an icy slumber.

Saad Amus is initially found frozen in one of the six cryochambers located on the second level of the Cryobarrio. The chamber will be composed of frosted pillars, glass walls, and a single chrome plaque, which displays the following:

The glyphs morph into discernible letters as you view them:


The cryochamber will be filled with cryogenic mist, which serves to keep Saad Amus frozen. He will remain as such until the gas is allowed to dissipate, which can be accomplished by breaking open the cryochamber and allowing the mist to diffuse over time.

While frozen, Saad Amus will be completely immobile and will not attack the player, even if the cryochamber is opened; however, he will also be completely immune to damage.[1][2] Once the cryochamber is opened and he is allowed to thaw out, he will be susceptible to damage, but will also immediately become hostile.


Ceremonial Vibrokhopesh

The ceremonial vibrokhopesh is a Long Blade and Saad Amus' signature weapon. It is a vibro weapon, meaning the PV value of its attacks will match the ♦AV value of the target it is being used against. This guarantees the weapon will penetrate at least once regardless of AV, assuming the attack does not miss. It deals ♥1d10+23-12 (Avg: 7.5) damage.

Unique among vibro weapons, the vibrokhopesh requires no energy cell or external source of power to operate, instead being powered by a Zero Point Energy Collector. It generates 40 charge per turn, versus the 20 charge used whenever the vibrokhopesh makes an attack, meaning it will never run out of energy under normal circumstances. However, the Zero Point Energy Collector will cease to function under the effects of normality,[3] causing the vibrokhopesh to lose its vibro status; in this case it will only have a PV value of 4.


Flume-Flier of the Sky-Bear is an item unique to Saad Amus. When activated, it allows its wearer to enter a dashing state, causing them to move in the direction of their choosing continuously for, at most, 20 tiles within a single turn. The wearer will continue to move in their chosen direction until they encounter an obstacle or they reach 20 tiles from their starting point. They remain in this state for 10 rounds, after which the item will be placed on cooldown for 100 rounds.

Upon encountering an obstacle, such as a creature, the wearer will make an attack with a bonus to hit and penetration, equal to +2 to hit and penetration for every 3 tiles they travel. In combination with his vibrokhopesh, this allows Saad Amus to do massive damage to the player with a single strike.

The Flume-Flier requires no energy or fuel of any kind to operate. Additionally, it grants its wearer +1 Ego.


Besides his vibrokhopesh and Flume-Flier, Saad Amus will always come equipped with a pair of jeweled sandals, which are worth a fair amount but provide no ♦AV or ○DV. He has no other armor to speak of.


Saad Amus possesses every single Long Blade skill, including Long Blade Proficiency, Lunge, Swipe, Dueling Stance, and En Garde!.[4] He will make full use of the stances and abilities granted by these skills when in combat, most notably allowing him to disarm the player while using Dueling Stance.

Special Properties

Saad Amus is much faster than average, having a Quickness score of 160. He also has very high elemental resistances, at 75 for each, and a default AV value of ♦6.

Saad Amus is one of few creatures belonging to the normally invisible Humanoids faction, which by default has -475 initial reputation with the player. As there is no way to increase reputation with this faction, Saad Amus will always be hostile and cannot be pacified through the reputation system.

Saad Amus (but not his clones) is considered a True Kin, thus he can potentially install cybernetics (if dominated), although he doesn't start with any.


Clones of Saad Amus can occasionally be found randomly underground, preserved in cryochambers much like the one the original is found in. These clones are identical to Saad Amus himself, save for lacking a Flume-Flier of their own.


This section is opinion-based. Your mileage may vary.
  • It is not required for the player to fight Saad Amus when passing through the Cryobarrio. As he will usually be far higher level than the player when they first enter Bethesda Susa, consider ignoring him until one is more well equipped to take him on.
  • The Flume-Flier only allows the user to dash in a completely straight line in one of 8 directions; avoid standing along these trajectories to avoid getting charged. Additionally, the Flume-Flier has a very long cooldown; take advantage of this after its duration has run its course.
  • Saad Amus can be extremely dangerous to fight up close due to his vibrokhopesh and his repertoire of Long Blade skills, but lacks any method of ranged combat. Consider fighting him using missile weapons or thrown weapons.
  • Using a source of normality to disable the energy source of Saad Amus' vibrokhopesh can make the fight much easier.
  • Sufficiently strong characters can reliably stun Saad Amus with Staggering Block using a buckler, which cannot be disarmed with Swipe.
  • It is possible to dismember Saad Amus's limbs with a Serrated weapon while he is still frozen, but only with the passive dismemberment chance of the weapon mod itself.
  • Sleep gas is very effective against Saad Amus. For example, cooking a meal with concentrated dreambeard gland paste (obtainable from merchants at the Six Day Stilt), and using the resultant Sleep Breath ability a few times to fill his chamber with sleep gas while the cryogenic mist dissipates can render him immobile and completely vulnerable to attack (demo image).


Caution: This article or section contains unverified speculation and should not be considered canonical.


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