Cryogenic mist

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cryogenic mist
Cryogenic mist
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cryogenic mist

Machine-chilled water was depressurized to a freezing fog to hold the processes of life in suspension.


Cryogenic mist is a type of gas that deals damage and reduces the temperature of creatures that come in contact with it.[1] In some cases when high-enough density of this gas is present, it can freeze creatures. Cryogenic mist cannot seep through walls and does not need to be inhaled to have an effect.


Common sources of cryogenic mist, with their level and density, include:[2][3]

Source Gas Level Gas Density Reference
Vaporization of convalessence 1 (vaporized drams) ÷ 20 [4]
frosted pillars 1 20 density burst, once every 8 turns, if target cell is empty [5]
destroyed cryotubes 1 20 initial density upon creation [6][7][8]
intact cryotubes 1 100 initial density upon creation of "stable" gas [7][8]

Additional Notes

Intact cryotubes have a special form of "stable" cryogenic mist that does not lose density over time like normal gases. As a result, cryotubes will always have an average gas density of 100 in each of their interior cells until they are broken and the gas is allowed to escape. This ensures that any creature in the cryotube remains frozen (since creatures need to be kept at -100T or lower to be frozen).

Gas level has no effect on cryogenic mist and all sources normally found in game are level 1.

Damage and Effects

Cryogenic mist deals one damage per turn to any creature currently in the same cell. Players take this damage even while frozen; non-player creatures do not.[9]

Each turn that a creature is in the same cell as the gas, if the creature's temperature is above negative 2.5 × Density (rounded up), the gas also causes the creature's temperature to be reduced by 2.5 × Density. Like all cold temperature affects, the amount of the reduction can be modified (or negated completely) with cold resistance.

All damage and temperature effects are avoided if the creature does not share the same phase state as the gas.

Density Gas damage
per round
Tempurature change
per round
Threshold below which temperature
changes no longer occur
20 ♥1 -50° -50T
40 ♥1 -100° -100T
60 ♥1 -150° -150T
80 ♥1 -200° -200T
100 ♥1 -250° -250T
200 ♥1 -500° -500T


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