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confusion gas
Confusion gas
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confusion gas

Cobalt gas seeps into the nose and disarranges the mind.


Confusion gas is a respiratory-based gas effect that has a chance to confuse creatures.


Sources of confusion gas, with their level and density, include:[1][2][3]

Source Gas Level Gas Density
Confusing Breath 1 80
addling urchin 1 80

Confusing Breath is an innate mutation of mazebeards and elder mazebeards. It can also be gained by the player as a cooking effect.


In order to be affected by confusion gas, a creature must respire. Robots and holograms do not respire and cannot be affected by confusion gas.

Confusion gas cannot seep through walls or other occluding objects, so it will remain contained by them instead. This often results in confusion gas having very high density if it is released in cramped areas, making it noticeably more potent. It can also take a very long time to dissipate if released in cramped areas.

Any creature that is not immune to the effects of confusion gas that enters a confusion gas cloud must make a Toughness save to resist becoming confused. If they fail the save, they will become confused for a number of rounds dependent on the strength (Gas Level) of the confusion gas. Items such as the vinewood sap mask or gas mask provide a bonus to the creature's saving roll for this Toughness save and reduce the save target by reducing the effective density of gas for purposes of the calculation.

The following formulas are used to determine the Toughness save and confusion duration:[4]

Toughness Save
5 + GasLevel + ( Density / 10 )
Confusion Duration
4d6 + GasLevel

In practice, gas density is highly variable due to a significant amount of randomization involved in gas behavior. Gas is constantly moving between cells, dissipating over time, merging with other gas, and being affected by random calculations in the game engine. The following table shows the stats only for level 1 confusion gas, because higher levels of the gas are not present in game.

Density Toughness Save
to Resist
Confusion Duration
1 50 11 4d6+15-25 (Avg: 15)
100 16
200 26
400 46
800 86


This information is reliable as of patch
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