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Effect Type

Mental, Minor, Negative, Removable


Acts semi-randomly.
-(Level) DV
-(Level) MA
-(MentalPenalty) to all mental attributes

Confused is a mental debuff that causes creatures to wander about, with ○DV and MA penalties. This makes it much easier to perform mental attacks on a confused creature, especially stacked with Berate, but note that confused creatures cannot be targeted with Proselytize. If a confused target is targeted with another confused, the stronger penalty overwrite the older one. Duration is also reset.

Eating a yuckwheat stem cures confusion instantly.[1] Applying a sphynx salt injector provides temporary immunity to confusion.

Causes of Confused

Cause Duration Level Mental Penalty
drinking brain brine 20-30 1 3
drinking wine or cider 5d5 1 3
drinking slime 3d6 5 7
flashbang grenade mk I 1d4+4 10 7
flashbang grenade mk II 2d4+4 15 7
flashbang grenade mk III 3d4+4 20 7
confusion gas 4d6+level level level+2
eating witchwood bark 5d3 1 3
nervous sludge 10-15 10 12
Fatecaller weapon 1d100 1d20 1d20
Confusion see article (level+5)/2 (level+5)/2
Stinger see article level level+2

Player Effects of Confusion

When the player is confused, all tiles on the map will become scrambled, and all names will be replaced with garbled names, like "uhchumahumm". If overdosed on hulk honey injector, the names change into something like "RAWRGHMAG!!1!" [2]

The inventory will also become uncategorized with all objects replaced with similar style garbled names.

It should be noted that all these changes are merely visual; attacking a tile which, due to confused, appears to be empty but which you know to have a creature in it will still attack that creature, and it is possible to move through tiles which appear to be blocked by walls but are actually empty.


This section is opinion-based. Your mileage may vary.

Strategies for working around this are to get away to a safe area and wait until the effect runs out, or to find a yuckwheat stem in your inventory to consume.

  • Remember the layout of the map before confusion.
  • Remember the weight of yuckwheat stems in your bag, and make sure no other stack of edible items has the same weight. You can then identify the yuckwheat stems by their weight and the fact that only edible items will have the "eat" option.
  • Hold a yuckwheat stem in a thrown slot.
  • Hold a single chest in your inventory containing only yuckwheat stems. When confused, go through your inventory, selecting every item until you see one which you can open. Assuming there are no other openable containers in your inventory, this must be the yuckwheat chest, allowing you to eat a stem and cure your confusion.


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