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Effect Type

Metabolic, Psionic, Negative



(damage) life drained per turn.

syphoned is an effect that drains the life essence of a target over time. Every turn, if the user's Ego (or the effect's level, whichever is higher) is greater than the target's MA with a randomized number from -4 to +4 added, the target will be inflicted with the specified damage and the user will heal that amount. This effect can be reality distorting depending on the source.

Sources of Syphoned

  • soupy sludges that absorb blood will develop a \bloody pseudopod, allowing it to bond with the player and syphon ♥15-2015-20 (Avg: 17.5) health per turn.
  • Syphon Vim, which inflicts level-based damage for 20 turns. This is reality distortion based.