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Monochrome is an illness that causes the game to appear in shades of grey. It is contracted by getting hit by an adiyy after already being monochromed by one.

The player (bottom) entering an area while under the effects of monochrome.

Official description

[ Corpus Choliys ]

On Monochrome

Carried by the adiyy bug of the Spindle-shaded musa grove, monochrome is an affliction of the eye that renders the diseased incapable of seeing color. Onset is characterized by the blurring of vision over several days, followed by the complete loss of chromatic perception.

Honey and yuckwheat are sometimes effective at halting the color blindness. To cure the affliction once color sight is lost, however, the patient must ingest one dram of unadulterated [random liquid] and then immediately subject themselves to the detonation of a flashbang grenade. Somehow the vision scrambling effect resets the victim's perceptors, and color sight is restored.

Contracting and Onset

An adiyy attack that penetrates a creature will inflict them with monochromed for 50-100 turns.[1] If an adiyy attack penetrates a monochromed target, they will get the message "Your vision blurs." and contract blurry vision.

blurry vision


Effect Type

Metabolic, Circulatory, Illness, Negative, Removable

blurry vision

Vision is blurred.

Blurry vision by itself has no effects. However, every day after the initial contraction (1,200 turns), the creature with blurry vision must make a toughness save of difficulty 13. If this succeeds, the message "You feel a bit better." shows up in the message log, and the stage decreases by 1. Note that unlike glotrot, you cannot cure monochrome using the cure in this stage.

If the save fails ("Your vision blurs."), the stage increases by 1. Blurry vision will be cured if the stage goes down to -2 before 5 days have passed("Your vision clears up."). If the stage progresses past stage 2 or more than 5 days have passed, the blurry vision will progress into full monochrome.


Monochrome can only be contracted by being penetrated by an adiyy bite. Having high AV and avoiding melee range is an effective method to avoid infection.

For improving save chance, see Illness#Increasing Save Chance.

Full Onset



Effect Type

Metabolic, Circulatory, Illness, Negative, Removable


Sees shades of only a single color.

If the player is inflicted with monochrome, the entire game will appear only in shades of grey. This also effects the UI unless "exclude the UI from full screen effects" is checked in the options menu. This is merely a cosmetic effect, but limits how much information can be seen by just looking. Note that this occurs even when "Disable full screen color effects" is checked in options. Because pressing alt only gives information through colors, it is nearly impossible to use while under the effects of monochrome.


As stated in the Corpus Choliys, monochrome can be cured by ingesting a specified liquid and then being subject to the detonation of a flashbang grenade. The possible liquids are:


  • If the player has monochrome, they are unable to compliment Q Girl's colorful hair. This will prevent getting the achievement until monochrome is cured.


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