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Effect Type

Dimensional, Minor, Removable


Cannot fly.

The grounded effect causes flying creatures to fall to the ground, and prevents them from flying as long as the effect is active.

By default, this effect has a duration of 20-3020-30 (Avg: 25) turns and can be avoided by succeeding at an Agility save with a difficulty of 40.[1] The save difficulty is reduced by the target's flying level (regardless of whether the target is currently flying or not).[2]

This effect is caused by the galgal's naser cannon.

Flying Level

For purposes of calculating the reduced agility save to avoid this effect, the target's flying level is as follows:[2][3]

Source of Flight Flying Level
Wings mutation level
anti-gravity boots 6
gyrocopter backpack 4
mechanical wings 1


This information is reliable as of patch
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