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Effect Type

Mental, Negative, Removable


-6 Intelligence
-6 Willpower
-5 Move Speed

Lovesick is an effect that can be gotten by looking at a Lovely creature, like apple farmer's daughters, or applying a love injector and looking at anything.

If this is applied to an NPC, it acts as a temporary beguile or proselytize, causing the lovesick creature to follow who they fell in love with around.

Making the player character fall in love with a sign or themself is an achievement.

Effect on the Journal

If the player character is lovesick, any new accomplishment added to the journal is slightly altered.[1] All journal entries are randomly reformatted with the one of following:

  • The beginning of the entry is prepended with "While your heart withered,"
  • The entry will be interspersed with *sob*
  • The end will be appended with ", but what was the point?"
  • The end will be appended with "But (subject of affection) didn't love you, so what did it matter?"
  • The end will be appended with "You did it for (subject of affection). You did it all for (subject of affection)."
  • The end will be appended with ", and the whole time you wept."


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