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Effect Type

Mental, Neurological


-60 Quickness
Can see into dimensions half a step over.

Shimmering is an effect acquired by consuming Eater's flesh. The player character must have this effect to be able to see the pathway to Pax Klanq's house in the Rainbow Wood, and to see Pax Klanq himself. The large penalty to quickness applied by shimmering makes the journey along the path very dangerous, as running away from things becomes much more difficult or even impossible if something other than the slow moving soupy sludges are present.

The shimmering effect's initial duration is 1000 turns. Consuming another Eater's flesh while the effect is still active increases the remaining duration by an additional 1000 turns[1]. The effect is not removed by leaving the Rainbow Wood nor by completing Pax Klanq, I Presume?, and will persist until its duration expires.

Creatures who are shimmering are unable to use Mass Mind.

Attempting to use Mass Mind while Shimmering

Too far! The aggregate mind is stretched to gossamers, and even the closest mind is too far away.

Having their own mind tapped by another esper while Shimmering

You feel a small ripple in space and time.


To more quickly remove this effect once it is no longer needed, a player can ascend to the world map and travel a few paces, then descend back downward. Travelling on the world map will make time pass faster and allow the effect to expire.


This information is reliable as of patch
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