Power skating

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power skating


Effect Type

Activity-based, Minor, Removable, Voluntary

power skating

-5 DV (DV penalty applies only if sprinter doesn't have the Hurdle skill)
Moves at 2X the normal speed.
-10 to hit in melee combat.

The power skating effect is a special effect that replaces sprinting if the user has rocket skates equipped.

The power skating effect is identical to sprinting except for the following differences:

  • power skating has unlimited duration, as long as the user's rocket skates still have fuel remaining
  • If the user does not move for a turn while power skating, they will emit some smoke.
  • If the user moves while power skating, they will emits a 4-cell-long jet of flames behind them, essentially equivalent to Flaming Ray at level 3.

This effect is not compatible with springing.