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Effect Type

Activity-based, Minor, Removable, Voluntary


-5 DV (DV penalty applies only if sprinter doesn't have the Hurdle skill)
Moves at 2X the normal speed.
-10 to hit in melee combat.

Sprinting is an effect granted by the Tactics Sprint skill. While sprinting, a character's movement speed is doubled, and this effect lasts for 10 turns by default.[1]


Most physical actions that a character can take, such as performing a melee attack against another creature, will cancel the sprint effect immediately. Moving through a sizeable body of liquid or suffering from other movement effects, such as becoming stuck, will also terminate sprinting. Reloading or firing a missile weapon will not cancel sprinting, but shooting is subject to an accuracy penalty by default.

Sprint cannot be used if the creature is frozen solid or on the world map.


  • While sprinting, a creature suffers a -5○ penalty to DV, unless they have the Hurdle skill.
  • Any melee attacks made by the sprinter will suffer from a -10 to-hit penalty, and will also immediately cancel the sprint.[1]
  • Firing any kind of missile weapon suffers from a random aim variance penalty (a random amount between -23° and 23°),[2] unless the sprinter is using Pistols has the Sling and Run skill.

Skill Interactions

This section is an excerpt from Sprint#Skill Interactions.
  • Conatus and Longstrider increase the sprint duration by 10 each. These skills can stack.
  • Hurdle removes the DV penalty associated with sprinting.
  • Sling and Run removes the accuracy penalty for firing pistols while sprinting.

Item Interactions

Power Skating

If rocket skates are equipped while a character is sprinting, the name of the sprinting effect will be changed to power skating. These effects are essentially the same except that power skating has an unlimited duration (as long as the rocket skates have fuel remaining), and also causes some flame effects as the character moves. For more detail, refer to the rocket skates page.


This information is reliable as of patch
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