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Skill Tree



100 sp


0 Agility



You are skilled with pistols of various kinds.

Skills in the Pistol skill tree

Skill Cost Stat Skill Required Description
Steady Hand 0 0 Agility For purposes of determining your accuracy with pistols, your agility is treated as if it were 4 points higher.
Akimbo 150 17 Agility If you wield two pistols, you fire a shot with each of them whenever you make a ranged attack.
Weak Spotter 150 19 Agility You are 5% more likely to score critical hits with pistols (standard chance is 5%).
Sling and Run 50 21 Agility You receive no accuracy penalties for firing pistols while running.
Disarming Shot 100 23 Agility You have an agility-based chance to disarm your opponent when you score a hit with a pistol.
Dead Shot 200 25 Agility Critical hits you score with pistols are more deadly.
Empty the Clips 300 27 Agility Cooldown 200. For 20 rounds, the action cost of firing pistols is reduced from 1000 to 500.
Fastest Gun in the Rust 400 29 Agility The action cost of firing pistols is reduced by 25%.

Weapons That Use the Pistol Skill