Ruin of House Isner

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Ruin of House Isner
average: 5.5range: 1-10
Commerce Value
Ammo Type

lead slug

Shots per Action


Ammo per Action


Max Ammo







Can Disassemble


Can Build


Skill Used


Reputation Bonus

water barons: -400



ID?Use this ID to Wish for the item

Ruin of House Isner


1 Ego

Extra Info:
Ruin of House Isner

The craftsmanship of this pistol worked in brass and chrome is breathtaking: grips of kingswood call the palm to an airless wrap, the hammer is contoured to the thumb by the microinch, and the sight draws the eye down the barrel like the slipping of silk. It's engraved all around with withered ivy, and the muzzle is kissed in blood.

-400 reputation with water barons
Weapon Class: Pistol
Accuracy: Medium

+1 Ego
Critical hits scored with this weapon get an extra +4 bonus to penetration rolls.
When this weapons fires a shot with its last round of ammo, the shot has perfect aim and is guaranteed to score a critical hit.


Ruin of House Isner is a hidden artifact, its whereabouts only found through manually reading white titled books or as a secret from performing the water ritual with a member of the Trolls faction. Every game, the location is a random parasangAn area made of 3x3 screens, which is represented as one tile on the overworld map. in the left half of the overworld (the leftmost 40x25) tiles. This can be within any zone of the parasang, but will always be above ground in a unique red and magenta chest. [1]

Locating the Ruin of House Isner

The location of Ruin of House Isner must be pieced together by at least two separate clues found in markov generated (white text) books. Multiple clues can be found within one book, and clues can be found in both the title and the text. These books have a chance of containing sentences that provide the coordinate in one directional axis away from a known landmark. The possible directions are North, South, East, and West. The full coordinate must be constructed through two clues: one that uses North/South, and one that uses East/West.

It is also possible for a a quest to generate with Ruin of House Isner's location as the reference point to another location, but this is a rare occurrence.

In fact, it is possible for a procedural village quest to generate with Ruin of House Isner as its objective. In this case, the quest giver will provide a landmark and directions that will reliably guide the player to the location of this weapon. Upon obtaining the weapon, however, the quest giver will not recognize that you are in possession of it; indeed, even if the weapon is held in your hand or your missile weapon slot, the only available dialog option is "I haven't located Ruin of House Isner yet."[2]

Ruins of House Isner unique chest

Possible Sentences

These are possible sentences to look out for to make skimming through books easier. One sentence is created by using a random cell from each column.[3]

in the lost masterwork pistol, said to be stored somewhere _ parasangs (direction) of (location).
with the hiding place of the Ruin of House Isner, rumored to be stored somewhere _ parasangs (direction) of (location).
to the famous revolver Ruin of House Isner, located somewhere _ parasangs (direction) of (location), as the story goes.
of the chest holding the Ruin of House Isner, located somewhere near (location) some _ parasangs (direction).
chest containing the Ruin of House Isner, which I hid somewhere (direction) of (location), about _ parasangs.
masterwork pistol Ruin of House Isner, where I stored it somewhere _ parasangs (direction) of (location).
Ruin of House Isner,


This section is opinion-based. Your mileage may vary.
  • It is the only non-procedurally-generated missile weapon that grants ego, so cloning Ruin of House Isner with metamorphic polygel can be used as an unconventional ego boost.

Recall Story

[ Ruin of House Isner ]

The seven lords of House Isner feasted on boar gut and swilled wine from gilded cups in the ivy-strewn halls of their hold. They spared no concern for temperance, for the coffers of their house had swelled with gardeners' gold amassed through the sale of water drawn from the lords' wells. But as the gluttonous barons counted seven amongst their clan, so had become numbered their days of debauchery when the son of a beggared gardener swore a vengeful oath in the name of his father against the house of Isner.

The penniless boy beseeched a gunsmith of great repute to craft for him a pistol of the most exquisite artistry with which he could be sure to vanquish the seven lords, and in return the boy promised the smith all the spoils of the battle. The smith, who in the hazel eyes of the boy beheld the spirit of vengeance, agreed.

And so the boy, armed with the masterwork pistol, cast open the doors of the Hall of Isner with a fury that shook their iron hinges and seized upon the supping lords. Before any of them had yet set down their gilded cups, the boy unholstered the pistol and shot dead six of the sons of Isner. The last lord rejoiced at his fortune and reached for his hip from where he would sling a pistol of his own at the spent boy.

But as his crooked finger freed his holster's strap, the boy shot the lord between the eyes, for the smith had crafted for the boy a pistol with seven chambers and seven slugs. Such it was that on this day the house of Isner fell.


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