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compound bow
Compound bow.png
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Bow and Rifle

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missile weapon, firearm, general, bow



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Compound Bow

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Extra Info:
  • Requires two hands to wield
compound bow

Idler wheels were tinkered to the limbs, and wound cables stiffen to accentuate the archer's strength.

Weapon Class: Bows & Rifles
Accuracy: Medium
Projectiles fired with this weapon receive bonus penetration based on the wielder's Strength.


Compound bows are missile weapons belonging to the Bow and Rifle weapon class. They use arrows as ammunition.

The compound bow is one of two bows, along with the turbow, that benefits from the user's strength. More specifically, the user's strength modifier is added to the PV of arrows fired from the bow, up to a certain limit.[1]

When the player loads an arrow into a compound bow, the game will display the maximum strength-modified penetration that is achievable with that arrow and the compound bow. For example, if a steel arrow is loaded, the display will always look like the following:

Compound bow penetration display example.png

However, the actual PV will be 4, plus the wielder's strength modifier, up to the displayed limit. Thus, the actual PV is not shown in game.


All arrows in the game have a base penetration value of 4.[2] However, each type of arrow has a different maximum penetration, which can be achieved with the compound bow and sufficient strength. Higher-tier arrows have a higher potential cap for strength-modified penetration.[3][4] The turbow is the only other bow in the game that applies the wielder's strength modifier to arrow penetration.

Scoring a critical hit with the compound bow will add a +2 bonus to its PV. [5]

Arrow Normal Stats Stats When Fired From Compound Bow
PV Damage Base PV Max PV Str Required To
Achive Max PV
wooden arrow 4 ♥1d41-4 (Avg: 2.5) 4 6 20 ♥1d41-4 (Avg: 2.5)
steel arrow 4 ♥1d3+12-4 (Avg: 3) 4 7 22 ♥1d3+12-4 (Avg: 3)
boomrose arrow 4 ♥1d21-2 (Avg: 1.5) 4 5 18 ♥1d21-2 (Avg: 1.5)[6]
carbide arrow 4 ♥1d4+12-5 (Avg: 3.5) 4 8 24 ♥1d4+12-5 (Avg: 3.5)
folded carbide arrow 4 ♥1d4+23-6 (Avg: 4.5) 4 9 26 ♥1d4+23-6 (Avg: 4.5)
fullerite arrow 4 ♥1d4+34-7 (Avg: 5.5) 4 10 28 ♥1d4+34-7 (Avg: 5.5)
crysteel arrow 4 ♥1d4+45-8 (Avg: 6.5) 4 11 30 ♥1d4+45-8 (Avg: 6.5)
flawless crysteel arrow 4 ♥1d4+56-9 (Avg: 7.5) 4 12 32 ♥1d4+56-9 (Avg: 7.5)
zetachrome arrow 4 ♥1d4+67-10 (Avg: 8.5) 4 13 34 ♥1d4+67-10 (Avg: 8.5)


The compound bow does not have any guaranteed loot drop locations or creatures that wield it. It can be somewhat difficult to find for this reason. It is included only as a random loot in the Missile 2 and Missile 3 item tables.[7] For this reason, it is most likely to be found randomly in low-to-mid tier zones, such as goatfolk villages, or purchased from dromad traders.

It can also be disarmed from compound bow turrets, however this type of turret is quite rare.


This section is opinion-based. Your mileage may vary.
  • Can be a very effective ranged weapon for high-strength characters during the early game.
  • Accuracy is higher than other bows, giving it utility with boomrose arrows.
  • Not advisable for characters with low strength, because the compound bow will also lower an arrow's base PV based on strength. Other bows won't do this.
  • High tier ammo is difficult to find in large supply.


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