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As of Patch This information is reliable as of patch

Disarming is the action of knocking a weapon out of a creature's hands and onto the ground.

The following skills are capable of disarming creatures:

Use Cases

Disarming is an effective method of obtaining certain targets' weapons. For example, a player or creature can disarm a turret to obtain the turret's weapon, which would not otherwise be dropped as loot when the turret was destroyed.

NPCs Capable of Disarming

Alternate Methods of Disarming

Another viable method of disarming is to dismember the body part that holds a weapon. For example, a player may disarm a turret by dismembering one or more of the hardpoints which hold its missile weapon, causing the gun to fall to the ground.

Similar Effects

This article has information that is missing or not up to par.
Reason: The claim that pulsed field magnets can disarm an equipped weapon needs a reference to back it up, if true. In the past, this was not the case - magnets only pulled inventory and not equipped items. (Reference could be added here or else on the Magnetic Pulse page.)
  • pulsed field magnets are notable for their Magnetic Pulse ability, which strips metallic items from both creatures and players at a distance. This effect can pull and disarm metallic weaponry from players.
  • qudzu can rust players' or other creatures' equipped items on hit, which causes those items to gain the rusted status and be forcefully unequipped (but not dropped).
  • strip flies can steal items (including equipped items) from players and other creatures.