Blood-gradient hand vacuum

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blood-gradient hand vacuum
average: 4.5range: 1-8
Commerce Value


Ammo Type


Shots per Action


Ammo per Action


Max Volume

8 drams

Liquid Generation

1 dram of blood every 800 turns

Charge per Use


Charge Used For

Weapon Power

Charge per Dram







Can Disassemble


Can Build


Tinker Skill

Tinker II

Skill Used


Mods?Mods this item can support
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missile weapon, firearm, general, pistol, electronics, beam weapon



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Blood-Gradient Hand Vacuum

Spawns in


Extra Info:
blood-gradient hand vacuum

Blood sieved of chunky pieces sloshes around a cannister of tetraxenonoglass. Vacuum pressure sucks air in through the barrel, and slits on the slide stop vent a metronomic belch.

Weapon Class: Pistol
Accuracy: Medium

Compute power on the local lattice decreases the time needed for this item to generate ammunition.


A blood-gradient hand vacuum is a mid-to-high tier pistol, having a significant penetration value of 10. Although it does not have quite as high of a PV as some of the top-tier pistols, like the eigenpistol, hand rail, or spaser pistol, the hand vacuum has self replenishing ammo and can heal the wielder.

The blood-gradient hand vacuum has a blood reservoir and it can store up to 13 biologically-generated ammo units.

"an example image of the blood gradient hand vacuum in the inventory, showing that it is currently holding 7 drams of blood and has 4 shots, denoted in square brackets."

The blood reservoir is used primarily to generate "ammo" for the blood-gradient hand vacuum, but it also draws a small amount of energy from its blood reservoir whenever it fires a shot.

When the pulse hits a living creature, the wielder will heal 80-100% of the damage done, subtracted by 1-2 points. A maximum of ♥1d20+2021-40 (Avg: 30.5) per projectile can be healed with this method. This healing effect is reality distorting, so it will not work while astrally burdened or tethered.[1]

Technical Components

blood-gradient hand vacuum has the following technical components, each of which have special effects. The operational status of these components can be seen if the looker has access to a techscanning apparatus. Each of the components must be "Operational" to function.

  • ExsanguinationMicrotubules: This component extracts blood from the body of the equipper. Every 800 turns, it will refill a single dram of blood into the blood-gradient hand vacuum. Functionally, this acts as a slow but infinite recharge mechanism while the blood-gradient hand vacuum is equipped.[2]
    • This component will be operational only if equipped in a biological body slot. This typically means it must be equipped in one of a humanoid's default missile weapon equipment slots. It will not function while in the inventory or if equipped in a non-organic missile weapon equipment slot, such as the additional missile weapon slots granted by a gun rack implant.
  • VitalityTransferSystem: This component generates ammo for the blood-gradient hand vacuum. Every five turns (or less, with compute power), if blood is available in the reservoir, this component will fabricate 1 biologically-generated unit of ammo. The weapon can hold up to 13 units of ammo at a time. Each time that this component generates a unit of ammo, there is a 20% chance that it will consume 1 dram of blood from the weapon's reservoir.[3]
    • This component will be operational as long as at least one dram of blood is available in the weapon's reservoir. It works whether or not the blood-gradient hand vacuum is equipped; it will also generate ammo in the inventory.
  • EnergyWeaponSystem: This component fires the weapon. It consumes 100 charge each time it is fired. The charge is drawn from blood in the reservoir; but this tends not to have a significant noticeable effect on the blood available in the reservoir, because a single dram of blood can provide 7500 charge (enough to fire the weapon 75 times).[4]
    • This component will be operational as long as at least one dram of blood is available in the weapon's reservoir.
  • BiodynamicExtractor: This component is the power plant that converts blood into energy that the EnergyWeaponSystem can consume.[5]
    • This component remains operational at all times, but it requires at least one dram of blood to generate energy.

Additional Notes


The blood-gradient hand vacuum can be:

Advantages and Disadvantages

This section is opinion-based. Your mileage may vary.


  • Has an infinitely recharging ammo supply, and uses a liquid that is relatively easy to find.


  • If you use this as your only weapon, it can be difficult to keep it full at all times. It requires a significant blood supply, or else it requires time without firing to recharge.


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