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Goatfolk villages are small, single-zone jungle settlements that are populated by creatures who are part of the Goatfolk faction.

Each zone of the jungle biome that is not already taken up by a village, ruin, or other unique feature has about a 3% chance of generating as a goatfolk village.[1]

When the player walks over a world map tile that includes a goatfolk village, there is a chance that the player may notice it, and see the message:

You smell roasted boar nearby. Would you like to investigate?

Village Features

Goatfolk villages generally have the following features:[2][3]

  • 1-6 small round buildings constructed of thatched wall.
  • A dirt road running through the area.
  • If the village has 5 or more buildings, it will also have a water cistern surrounded by low sandstone walls, which will contain pools of fresh water.


Goatfolk villages will typically contain 4-5 goatfolk, but may contain more or fewer depending on random generation outcomes. These goatfolk will be hostile to the player unless the player has good reputation with the goatfolk faction.

The types of goatfolk found in a goatfolk village can include any of the following:[4]

Goatfolk Approximate Distribution Weight
goatfolk bully 150
goatfolk sower 100
goatfolk yurtwarden 75
goatfolk shaman 10
Legendary goatfolk shaman 3


A typical goatfolk village will contain 3-4 chests. However, they can contain a higher or lower number depending on random generation outcomes.

The chests found in goatfolk villages will contain low-to-mid-tier loot.

Chest Tier Chance Each Typical contents
Tier 2 chest 45.5% 2-42-4 (Avg: 3) items from Junk 2
Tier 3 chest 45.5% 2-42-4 (Avg: 3) items from Junk 3
Tier 4 chest 9% 2-42-4 (Avg: 3) items from Junk 4

Like most chests in the world, these chests always have a small chance to generate with specialized contents of a particular type (and usually greater quantity). For example, a specialized tier 3 chest might contain 1d4+23-6 (Avg: 4.5) items from Missile 3.[5]


Raabapool, goatfolk village
Naglen, goatfolk village


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