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Books are both randomly generated and prewritten bits of texts scattered throughout the world of Qud.

Aside from reading them for their contents, their secondary function is to donate these books to Sheba Hagadias, Librarian of the Stilt for experience.

Book Experience

How much each book is worth in experience is based on the commerce value of the item. The formula is as follows:

A book with the "illuminated" modifier has a commerce value that is 30% higher, which amounts to a 69% higher experience gain when given to Sheba Hagadias.

Title Colors

Yellow books are not markov chain generated and have their contents in Books.xml. This does not mean they do not have some form of randomness to them, however. Corpus Choliys will always have randomized cures. The two books that do not have a Books.xml entry are A crumpled sheet of paper and Heirlooms of Qud, which have their own cs file for generation.

Green books are recipe books which teach the player the recipes within once read.

White books are markov generated. Each one has a chance of containing one clue of the location of the Ruin of House Isner.

List of Books

White books, also referred to as markov books due to their content generation method, have a randomly assigned commerce value from 50-150. This means that they will grant 100 to 900 experience, and 169 to 1,521 experience when illuminated.

Book Exp Exp (Illuminated)
Across Moghra'yi, Vol. I: The Sunderlies 1,600 2,704
Across Moghra'yi, Vol. II: Athenreach 1,600 2,704
Across Moghra'yi, Vol. III: Oth, the Free City 1,600 2,704
Advertisement 100 169
Aphorisms about Birds 225 380
Blood and Fear: On the Life Cycle of Lah 900 1,521
Corpus Choliys 49 82
Council at Gamma Rock 2,500 4,225
Crime and Punishment 3,600 6,084
Crumpled sheet of paper 4 6
Disquisition on the Malady of the Mimic 3,600 6,084
Eta and the Earthling, Canto I 3,600 6,084
Fauns of the Meadow 225 380
Frivolous Lives, Vol. I 1,600 2,704
From Entropy to Hierarchy 3,600 6,084
From Entropy to Hierarchy, 2nd Edition 4,900 8,281
Heirlooms of Qud 900 1,521
History of Joppa, Vol. 1 0 0
History of Joppa, Vol. 2 0 0
In Maqqom Yd 1,600 2,704
Modulo Moon Stair and the Tree of Life 3,600 6,084
On Humanoid Mimicry of Animals and Plants 100 169
On the Origins and Nature of the Dark Calculus 3,600 6,084
Scroll bound by a strand of kelp 10,000 16,900
Sheaf of bloodstained goatskin parchment 900 1,521
Sheaf of tattered parchment 0 0
The Artless Beauty 900 1,521
The Canticles Chromaic, Verses XVII-XXIV 100 169
The Mimic and the Madpole 100 169
The Murmurs' Prayer 400 676
Torn sheet of graph paper 900 1,521

Note that merchant advertisements cannot be donated.

Relic Books

Main article: Relic#Relic_Books

Sultan relics can sometimes appear as books with random markov-chain text, and a special relic effect.