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Missing Pages from old Navbox

Because the new navbox autopopulates depending on what pages exist, this means that pages that currently do not exist are not listed in the navbox. Here's a list of some pages that were linked in the imported navbox from the wiki:

General Gameplay

Battle Mechanics

Character Creation

Pages that do not need to be made

These pages do not exist but do not need to be made, with my justifications:

  • Everything in Elemental Damage- collapsed into a single page, which is Damage Type. This may change if each element grows too large and must be separated into its own page.
  • Psychic Assassin - already covered in Glimmer
  • Modification - what Mods already is

The creation of these pages are of high importance due to being part of the core mechanics of the game. Teamtoto (talk) 17:40, 31 October 2019 (UTC)