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A peculiar contraption.

Also known as exsanguination microtubules in some parasangs.


Wiki to do list:

  • Add cargo queries to Damage page showing all things that cause certain types of damage (would require storing more data in Cargo that isn't currently)
  • Revisit Item and Character infoboxes.
  • Update the Inventory section of the Character infobox to show PV/Damage.
    • Add better hover tooltips to the Inventory section
  • Fix <math> equations so they don't overflow page containers.
  • Eventually migrate Mobile.css styles into Gadget-mobile.css when things feel stable.
    • (not sure if this is still accurate/relevant after wiki move)

Page Values

Add ?action=pagevalues to the end of a page URL to see its page values, including cargo store data.

Example of how to use the debug console when editing/creating a Module

frame.args={someArg='this is the argument'}
val = frame.args.someArg

<outputs this is the argument>

val2 = frame:preprocess(val)

<expands any templates if they were passed into the argument>


<shows the full structure of the frames.args object>