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This article is a stub. You can help Caves of Qud Wiki by expanding it.
This article is a stub. You can help Caves of Qud Wiki by expanding it.

Mutated Humans, often more simply referred to as Mutants, are one of the two playable genotypes in Caves of Qud.

In-Game Differences from True Kin

There are several notable differences between mutants and True Kin:

  • Mutants have access to mutations. They can select several mutations during character creation, and they will also gain a mutation point (MP) at each level-up, allowing them to advance existing mutations or purchase additional ones.
  • Mutants have access to the Chimera mutation.pngChimera and Esper mutation.pngEsper morphotypes and the unique game mechanics introduced by those morphotypes.
  • Mutants do not have access to cybernetics, and cannot interface with Becoming nook.pngbecoming nooks.
  • Mutants have lower base starting attributes than True Kin.
  • Mutants gain fewer skill points when leveling up than a True Kin with equal intelligence.
  • Mutants start the game with negative Putus Templar reputation. Putus Templar will be hostile on sight.
  • Mutants generally have worse starting gear than True Kin.
  • Mutants generally get diminished benefits from tonics which they consume, compared to True Kin.


Morphotypes are unique refinements to a mutant's genotype that can potentially affect the mutant's mutation pool or bodily autonomy.

  • Chimera mutation.pngChimera: Mutants with the chimera morphotype manifest only physical mutations. They also have a much more active body morphology, and may manifest extra limbs over time.
  • Esper mutation.pngEsper: Mutants with the esper morphotype manifest only mental mutations. As a result, they are generally more likely to obtain high levels of glimmer and be pursued by esper hunters.

Character Creation

In build codes, the very first letter determines the genotype. B is the code for mutants. Mutants start with a minimum of 10 in each attribute. 44 points can be spent on these attributes and can raise one stat to a maximum of 24.


Main article: Callings

Callings are the unique character creation options for the mutant genotype. There are twelve callings that the player can choose from during character creation. Each calling has unique starting skills, equipment, and attribute bonuses.

Starting Mutations

Players who choose to begin as a mutant have 12 mutations points to spend on their character. Individual mutations cost anywhere from 1 to 5 mutation points. The player may also select a defect, which counts for somewhere between -1 and -4 points, potentially allowing the selection of additional non-defect mutations as a tradeoff.