Unarmed combat

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Unarmed combat occurs when a player or creature has no weapon equipped in their primary hand or in additional limbs capable of attacking.

Unarmed combat is a form of melee combat, but it uses natural body equipment, such as the player's \natural fist. In many cases, unarmed attacks have no effective strength cap to penetration, meaning that creatures with very high strength can gain very high penetration and do significantly more damage than they could with most melee weapons. The Fist of the ape god.pngFist of the Ape God is one of the only non-unarmed weapons with similarly uncapped penetration potential.

In many cases, unarmed combat uses the Cudgel skill. However, there are exceptions to this rule, such as for creatures whose "natural equipment" uses a different skill (like the Knollworm.pngknollworm's \crab-crushing beak), or for the player when they have a mutation like Burrowing claws mutation.pngBurrowing Claws or Horns mutation.pngHorns - both of which use the Short Blade skills.

Unarmed combat can be enhanced through a variety of means:

  • Learning the relevant power and skills associated with the unarmed weapon, such as the Cudgel power and its subskills.
  • Starting with or obtaining the Carbide hand bones.pngcarbide hand bones cybernetic. This increases unarmed damage to ♥2d32-6 (Avg: 4).
  • Obtaining Fullerite hand bones.pngfullerite hand bones. This increases unarmed damage to ♥2d4+13-9 (Avg: 6).
  • Obtaining Crysteel hand bones.pngcrysteel hand bones. This increases unarmed damage to ♥3d43-12 (Avg: 7.5).
  • Gaining a fungal infection on the hands. Waxflab.pngwaxflab is the best for this purpose, as it provides ♥2d32-6 (Avg: 4) unarmed damage.
  • Wearing any spiked gauntlets. This adds additional bleeding damage to unarmed attacks made by a hand.

Common Unarmed Options by Damage

Unarmed Implement Damage Associated Power
\natural fist ♥1d2-10-1 (Avg: 0.5) Cudgel
Fickle gill.pngfickle gill on the hands ♥1d41-4 (Avg: 2.5) Cudgel
Glowcrust.pngglowcrust on the hands ♥1d41-4 (Avg: 2.5) Cudgel
Mumble mouth.pngmumble mouth on the hands ♥1d41-4 (Avg: 2.5) Cudgel
Waxflab.pngwaxflab on the hands ♥2d32-6 (Avg: 4) Cudgel
Helping hands.pnghelping hands' metal fist ♥1d3+12-4 (Avg: 3) Cudgel
Carbide hand bones.pngcarbide hand bones implant ♥2d32-6 (Avg: 4) Cudgel
Fullerite hand bones.pngfullerite hand bones implant ♥2d4+13-9 (Avg: 6) Cudgel
Crysteel hand bones.pngcrysteel hand bones implant ♥3d43-12 (Avg: 7.5) Cudgel
Burrowing claws mutation.pngBurrowing Claws mutation ♥1d21-2 (Avg: 1.5) - 1d121-12 (Avg: 6.5) Short Blade
Horns mutation.pngHorns mutation ♥2d32-6 (Avg: 4) (level 1) - ♥2d132-26 (Avg: 14) (level 20)
no theoretical damage limit
Short Blade