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helping hands






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Helping Hands

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helping hands

This pair of prosthetic hands are attached to the ends of two telescoping, multi-jointed chrome rods which fasten into a thin plastic case designed to be worn on the back.


helping hands are an artifact that acts similarly to the Multiple Arms mutation while equipped, giving the wearer two extra arm slots, two hands slots, and a gloves slot. However, weapons wielded in the robo-hands only have an 8% chance to attack.[1] This chance can be modified by the Multiweapon Fighting skill tree.[2][3] Additionally, as usual with duplicated limbs, ♦AV and ○DV of items equipped in gloves and arm slots will be reduced. Any other item properties will work in full, with the exception of ulnar stimulators, which do not work properly when worn on robo-hands.

Without a weapon equipped, robo-hands default to "metal fists" which deal 1d3+1 damage (with no penetration cap). If a robo-limb is dismembered, helping hands will become broken.


This section is opinion-based. Your mileage may vary.
  • Because the chance to attack is so small, equipping a weapon in a robo-hand is only worth it if you plan on using Flurry often. It might be preferable to equip a shield, or use the robo-hand as the support for a two-handed weapon wielded in an organic hand.


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