Banner of the Holy Rhombus

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banner of the Holy Rhombus
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Banner of the Holy Rhombus

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banner of the Holy Rhombus

Air circulates and the sheet-standard breathes; the edges of the red diamond shrink and lengthen. Blood courses through the arteries of time and into the tissue of the new flesh.

Bestows the war trance effect to the Putus Templar who can see this item.


A banner of the Holy Rhombus is an item generally found carried by Banner-Knight Templars and which has a unique effect on members of the Putus Templar faction.


A banner grants the War trance effect to Putus Templar faction members who can see it (but not those that generated as other factions, such as Mechanimists), as long as it's raised. The banner displays in its name whether it's raised or furled.

If it is worn, the effect applies to all Templar who can see the wearer, including the wearer themself if they are one. (If they aren't, the effect still applies to Templar who can see them.)

A banner on the ground is either raised or furled. It can become raised by using the raise inventory action on it. It can become furled by picking it up.

An equipped banner is always raised. A banner in an inventory but not equipped is always furled. Dropping a banner keeps it in the furled state until it's raised manually.