Powered exoskeleton

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powered exoskeleton
Charge per Use

1 Solar cell: 2500 usesFidget cell: 2500 usesLead-acid cell: 4000 usesCombustion cell: 6000 usesChem cell: 10000 usesThermoelectric cell: 40000 usesBiodynamic cell: 60000 usesNuclear cell: 100000 usesAntimatter cell: 200000 usesMecha power core: 500000 uses

Charge Used For

Stat Boost






Can Disassemble


Can Build


Tinker Skill

Tinker II

Mods?Mods this item can support
(subject to additional logic & rules)

general, electronics, exoskeleton



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Strength Exo

Worn On


Spawns in


Extra Info:
powered exoskeleton

Slate tubes assemble to scaffold the human form.

+2 Strength


When a powered exoskeleton is fully operational, it grants its wearer +2 Strength. Once equipped and powered, it requires 5 turns to boot up.

Powered exoskeletons are eligible for an unusual variety of mods:

Name Rarity Description Value TinkerTier
Disguise R Disguise: This item makes its wearer appear to be a <creature name>. 1.3
Feathered U Feathered: This item grants the wearer +250 reputation with birds. 1.2 Tinker I
Fitted with cleats C Fitted with cleats: +2-4 to saves vs. forced movement, knockdown, knockback, and being restrained. 1.1 Tinker I
Flexiweaved U Flexiweaved: This item's DV penalty is reduced by Ceiling(Tier/2). 1.2 Tinker I
Gesticulating R Gesticulating: +2-6 Strength but disallows the use of the Floating Nearby equipment slot. 1.3 Tinker I
Lanterned U Lanterned: This item provides light. 1.2 Tinker I
Nav R Nav: When powered and booted up, this item enhances navigation. 1.5 Tinker I
Nulling R Nulling: When powered, this item astrally burdens its wielder/target. Compute power on the local lattice increases the effectiveness of this effect. 1.3 Tinker II
Recycling R Recycling: This item collects, purifies, and stores up to 8 drams of the wearer's wastewater. 1.3 Tinker I
Refractive R Refractive: This item has a chance to refract light-based attacks. 1.3 Tinker II
Reinforced U Reinforced: +1 AV 1.2 Tinker I
Scaled U Scaled: This item grants the wearer +250 reputation with unshelled reptiles. 1.2 Tinker I
Snail-encrusted R Snail-Encrusted: This item is crawling with tiny snails and grants the wearer +250 reputation with mollusks. 1.2
Spring-loaded U Spring-loaded: +5-10 movespeed 1.2 Tinker I
Visored C Visored: +1 DV 1.1 Tinker I
Wooly U Wooly: This item grants resistance to heat and cold. 1.2 Tinker I