Nylon bodypack

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nylon bodypack
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Nylon Bodypack

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Extra Info:
  • 20% to max carry weight
nylon bodypack

A large, moss-colored pack equipped with shoulder straps and a hip belt.

+20% carry capacity


A nylon bodypack is a piece of back-slot equipment which increases the carry capacity of its wearer by 20% when worn. However, it does not provide any ♦AV or ○DV.


This section is opinion-based. Your mileage may vary.
  • A nylon bodypack can be an extremely valuable piece of equipment for low-strength characters who otherwise may struggle with carrying all their equipment and any loot they find. However, because it increases carrying capacity by a percentage value, the higher a character's strength already is, the greater a bonus they will get from wearing a nylon bodypack.
  • For a nylon bodypack to provide more carry capacity than it encumbers by, a character would need a minimum of 50 carry capacity. As having a mere 4 points of strength would give 60 carry capacity, this is not likely to be a concern, unless you have had extremely bad luck with stat saps.
  • If you are looking solely to optimize carry capacity, a nylon bodypack will begin providing more effective carry capacity than a molly netting at 14 strength (specifically, the break even point is 200 carry capacity). With 13 or less strength, the weight of the bodypack offsets its 4% higher carry capacity bonus, and the netting would provide more effective capacity. If modified to be Slender and/or Willowy, the bodypack will always provide more effective carry capacity than the netting will, unless you have a strength far below what it's possible to start with.