Gyrocopter backpack

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gyrocopter backpack
Max Volume

128 drams

Charge per Use


Charge Used For


Charge per Dram







Can Disassemble


Can Build


Tinker Skill

Tinker II

Reputation Bonus

birds: 100

winged mammals: 100

Mods?Mods this item can support
(subject to additional logic & rules)

general, electronics



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Gyrocopter Backpack

Worn On


Spawns in


Extra Info:
gyrocopter backpack

Articulated blades unfold to form an aerial screw that gets blown upward by an air thruster mounted below. On activation, the equipper takes flight.

+100 reputation with birds
+100 reputation with winged mammals
25% chance per turn to repel gases near its user.


The gyrocopter backpack is a flight-providing artifact that consumes oil and is worn on the back. Once activated and booted up, the player begins to fly if they are above ground. The gyrocopter backpack has 2% to fall during normal movement, and a 20% chance to fall while swooping,[1] which is better than the mechanical wings or a low-level Wings mutation. Despite having a 2% fall chance compared to the 5% with Template:Mechanical wings a gyrocopter backpack has a 5% chance to break when the user falls compared to 1% for the mechanical wings. The gyrocopter backpack is surpassed in artifact flight capabilities only by the higher-tier anti-gravity boots.

This item provides similar world map travel speed and navigation bonuses to those provided by the Wings mutation, mechanical wings or the anti-gravity boots. For this item that represents a +250% travel speed bonus and a navigation bonus of -52% to not get lost. The gyrocopter backpack will provide these bonuses even when the activated ability is not in use and the item is not consuming fuel, although it does require to be equipped and at least 1 dram of fuel to be filled.

Because the gyrocopter backpack holds 128 drams of liquid, this item can weigh up to 42#.

Despite the fact that it is powered only by oil, it can also be used to safely store other liquids, including lava and acid.


This information is reliable as of patch
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