Mechanical wings

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mechanical wings




Reputation Bonus

birds: 200

winged mammals: 200

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general, wings



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Mechanical Wings

Worn On


Spawns in


Extra Info:
mechanical wings

An elaborate, flap-powered contraption of corroded bronze and parasols.

+200 reputation with birds
+200 reputation with winged mammals


mechanical wings are a flight-granting artifact that are worn on the back. When equipped, the wearer is granted the ability to fly, and while in flight, to swoop or land back on the ground. When unidentified, they appear as bizarre contraption. They must be identified before they can be used to fly.

While flying:

  • The wearer is able to travel 2 times faster on the world map.
  • The wearer is 40% less likely to get lost while traversing the world map.
  • There is a 5% chance to fall to the ground each turn.
  • There is a 23% chance to fall while swooping.[1]
  • There is a 1% chance for the wings to become broken any time the wearer falls to the ground.

A guaranteed broken set of mechanical wings appear somewhere in the center zone of a Salt Marsh parasangAn area made of 3x3 screens, which is represented as one tile on the overworld map. located on the flattened remains. The wings will initially be unidentified; since you cannot normally identify broken artifacts, and cannot repair unidentified artifacts, you will need to pay an artificer such as Argyve to identify it for you, or use Fix-It spray foam.

Additional artifacts that provide flight include the gyrocopter backpack and the anti-gravity boots. While the mechanical wings are more prone to random crashes than these artifacts, the wings are unaffected by electromagnetic pulses and do not require any sort of power or fuel. The travel speed and navigation bonuses stack with other sources but the chance to fall while flying and swooping are based on the highest level of flight applicable only.


This information is reliable as of patch
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