Nacham's ribbon

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Spoiler Warning: This article contains information normally only found in the course of advancing the main quest line.
Nacham's ribbon
Nachams ribbon.png
Charge per Use

1000 Solar cell: 2 usesFidget cell: 2 usesLead-acid cell: 4 usesCombustion cell: 6 usesChem cell: 10 usesThermoelectric cell: 40 usesBiodynamic cell: 60 usesNuclear cell: 100 usesAntimatter cell: 200 usesMecha power core: 500 uses

Charge Used For

Tinker Bonus





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Nacham's Ribbon

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Extra Info:
Nacham's ribbon

A thick, pulsing curtain of thrumming cables drapes over the shoulders, humming half-remembered insights to its wearer concerning the whimsies of long-forgotten artificers.

When powered, this item grants a 40% chance that a tinkered item will have a random item modification. This may include item modifications that aren't normally tinkerable.


Nacham's ribbon is a unique cloak worn on the back slot. Once an energy cell is slotted, Nacham's ribbon will take 100 turns to boot up. Once fully booted, tinkered up items will have a 40% chance to have a mod added when created, in addition to the normal chance of generating with a mod. This extra mod is not limited to mods that are normally possible for tinkered items to generate with. This only works if the ribbon is properly equipped, not if it is in the inventory. It can be powered by an energy cell or by Electrical Generation or a biodynamic power plant.

The player character receives the ribbon if they have chosen to free Nacham in the quest Fraying Favorites.

Recall Story

[ Nacham Remembers ]

We once built alongside a people we remember little of, the memories of whom can no longer be distinguished.

They showed us the fabric of knowledge and we built a loom. So many beautiful things we spun all together.

Was I trusting? I believed myself aware. Perhaps it was not my trust that was misplaced, but my mistrust. An ambiguous distinction but a distinction nonetheless.

Regardless, we were betrayed, brought low by one of our own. It's been a long time since then, but once again I awaken by your hand bearing new knowledge.

Sit, and I will build you a loom.

Unusual Mods

The following non-tinkerable mods may be granted by Nacham's ribbon if applicable to the item:

Name Rarity Description Value Type
Painted C Painted: This item is painted with a depiction of a historical event. 2.0 General Pottery
Engraved C Engraved: This item is engraved with a scene from the life of the ancient sultan (sultan). 2.0 General Pottery
Snail-encrusted R Snail-Encrusted: This item is crawling with tiny snails and grants the wearer +250 reputation with mollusks. 1.2 Glove Gauntlet Headwear Body Cloak Shield Boot Tread Accessory Exoskeleton
Disguise R Disguise: This item makes its wearer appear to be a <creature name>. 1.3 Body Cloak Exoskeleton
Jewel-encrusted R Jewel-Encrusted: This item is much more valuable than usual and grants the wearer +100 reputation with water barons. 5.0 General Jeweled
Extradimensional R3 Extradimensional: This item has recently materialized, inheriting some properties from its home dimension. 3.0 General Pottery

Non-tinkerable mods are still subject to mod rarity rules: for example, about 3 jewel-encrusted items will be generated for every 25 engraved items. The chance of tinkering an extradimensional item is less than one in a thousand.


This section is opinion-based. Your mileage may vary.
  • Nacham's ribbon can conserve high-tier bits when creating modded items such as radio-powered energy cells.