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As of Patch This information is reliable as of patch

General, Pottery


Rare 3



AutotinkerableCan appear spontaneously on an
item you create with tinkering.


Value multiplier






Extradimensional: This item has recently materialized, inheriting some properties from its home dimension.

Extradimensional is a unique mod that has randomized effects. The tile and detail color of extradimensional items will flicker back and forth between Orange and black.

Each extradimensional item hails from one of the eleven other dimensions on the local system [1]. After looking at an extradimensional item, the dimension which it hails from will be added in the Gossip and Lore page in the Journal.

Extradimensional items have double commerce value on top of the 3x value increase from the mod itself, which means that the total increase is 6x.

Possible Bonuses

The bonuses all have an equal chance of spawning. Typically, the bonus given are always a non single-use relic mods. extradimensional items from the same dimension and of the same type (melee or ranged weapon, armor, shield, or a book) will have the same kind of bonus.

Melee Weapons
+1 PV
+2 to size of damage die
+1 damage
+3 to PV bonus cap
+2 to hit
Glazed at Tier 1
Discharge a clockwork beetle friend at tier 1
the Fates have their way
Ranged Weapons
Spray fire
+1 rate of fire
+1 PV
+2 to size of damage die
+1 damage
Penetrate creatures
Vibro projectiles
Improved accuracy
  • A 5-105-10 (Avg: 7.5) bonus to the weapon's Accuracy, if it is not already 0
  • Otherwise, a 2-62-6 (Avg: 4) hidden bonus to the weapon's aim variance
Shared between Weapons, Armor, and Shields
+1 MA
+1 Strength
+1 Agility
+1 Willpower
+1 Intelligence
+1 Ego
Light Manipulation at level 1
Temporal Fugue at level 1
Electrical Generation at level 1
+1 ○DV
+1 ♦AV
+10 Acid resist
+10 Cold Resist
+10 Heat resist
+10 Elec resist
+2 to hit
+1-5 Quickness, or 5-10 point reduction in Quickness penalty
Reflect at tier 1
Blink on Damage at level 1
Improved Block
1-2 point reduction in ○DV penalty
5-10 point reduction in Quickness penalty
+10 ♦AV
+10 Acid resist
+10 Cold resist
+10 Heat resist
+10 Elec resist
Reflect at tier 1
Increases a single attribute
Teaches a single skill


One way to obtain an extradimensional item is by farming extradimensional psychic hunters. If you ensure (typically through Domination) that their most valuable item at the moment of death is the item you need, it will have a 5% chance of becoming extradimensional after you kill the hunter (otherwise it will disappear). This chance can be rerolled through Precognition. It's possible to bypass the limit of 3 mods when generating extradimensional items this way.

The Otherpearl multiplies the chance of finding extradimensional items by about 5 times. It can be cloned with metamorphic polygel, and stacks multiplicatively with itself when equipped in hands or thrown weapon slot as well as on arms. In total, this increases the weight of extradimensional in item generation by a factor of 3125 assuming a standard set of two arms. One way to make use of this is that items tinkered with Nacham's ribbon have a small (but higher than usual) chance of being extradimensional, which becomes a very significant chance with 5 Otherpearls equipped.

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