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Rare 2



AutotinkerableCan appear spontaneously on an
item you create with tinkering.


Value multiplier





OverloadableWhether this mod is power-load sensitive, and
can be further enhanced by the overloaded mod


Distorts realityWhether this item is susceptible
to normality effects




Gigantic: This item is much heavier than usual and can only be equipped by colossal creatures. [Additional details vary based on item]

This article has information that is missing or not up to par.
Reason: Where is a consistent place to get colossal items?

Gigantic is a mod that can affect several items. The effect it has on these items vary depending on its function. For all items, both the item's value and weight will be tripled. If the item needs to be held in the hand, it is considered two-handed if wielded by a non-colossal creature. If originally two-handed, the gigantic item needs four. If it is equipped as armor, non-colossal creatures cannot equip it at all. Gigantic does not consume a modification 'slot', allowing items with this mod to have three other mods as well as gigantic.[1]

Object description
Holds volume holds twice as much liquid
Stores energy has twice the energy capacity
Tonic has twice the dose, likely inducing an adverse reaction
Weapon Bonus
Thrown weapon, excluding grenades +3 thrown damage
Grenade has twice as large a radius of effect
Gas grenade has twice the gas density
gravity grenade has twice the force in addition to twice the radius
high explosive grenade twice the force, resulting in about twice the damage
Weapon Bonus
Melee Weapon +3 damage
Cudgel Slam is twice as effective, additively
Axe Cleave decreases ♦-2AV instead of -1


Gigantic was originally only a cudgel mod. It would deal only +1 bonus damage as well as slam twice as more effectively.

Many gigantic items can be bought from Hamilcrab in the asphalt mines.

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