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with filters



Cannot be applied to items that already filter gas.





Tinker skill

Tinker I

Bit required


AutotinkerableCan appear spontaneously on an
item you create with tinkering.


Value multiplier





OverloadableWhether this mod is power-load sensitive, and
can be further enhanced by the overloaded mod


Distorts realityWhether this item is susceptible
to normality effects




Fitted with filters: This item protects against breathing in dangerous gases.

The fitted with filters mod can be applied to helmets or masks and will reduce the effect of gases on its wearer.

This mod also prevents critically failing saves against gases when you roll a 1 out of 20 on the save roll.


The power of the fitted with filters mod depends on the item tier it is added to.

  • When added to a tier 1 item, it has power equal to a Vinewood sap mask.pngvinewood sap mask
  • When added to a tier 6 item, it has power equal to a Gas mask.pnggas mask
  • When added to a tier 8 item, such as a Zetachrome apex.pngzetachrome apex, it is more powerful than a gas mask and offers the highest level of gas protection available.

When added to a tier 8 item, the fitted with filters mod has the following effects on the wearer: [1]

  • They are affected by gases that have an effect when inhaled as if the density of those gases were 50 less than their actual density.
  • They receive +10 to saves against inhaled gases and cannot critically fail these saves.
  • They take 10% less damage from damaging gases (including ones that don't need to be inhaled to have an effect, such as Corrosive gas.pngcorrosive gas).

Additional Notes

Wearing more than one item that is fitted with filters or similar item such as Vinewood sap mask.pngvinewood sap mask or Gas mask.pnggas mask causes the effects to stack. They work even from a Floating Nearby slot if magnetized.

You can't apply this mod to something that already filters gas, such as a Gas mask.pnggas mask.

The with filters mod can be applied to helmets or masks. Additionally, if the serene visage or terrifying visage mod is applied to a non-helmet/non-mask item, such as a Plastifer bonnet.pngplastifer bonnet or other hat, that item then becomes eligible for mask-based mods, including with filters.[2][3]

Eligible Items

Item Tier Effective
Density Reduction
Save Bonus Damage
Mental aggregator.pngmental aggregator 8 50% +10 10%
Zetachrome apex.pngzetachrome apex 8 50% +10 10%
Flawless crysteel coronet.pngflawless crysteel coronet 7 45% +9 9%
Murmur mask.pngmurmur mask 7 45% +9 9%
Psychic meridian.pngpsychic meridian 7 45% +9 9%
Crysteel coronet.pngcrysteel coronet 6 40% +8 8%
Null face.pngNull Face 6 40% +8 8%
Fullerite armet.pngfullerite armet 5 35% +7 7%
Ganglionic teleprojector.pngganglionic teleprojector 4 30% +6 6%
Leafy helm.pngleafy helm 4 30% +6 6%
Chain coif.pngchain coif 3 25% +5 5%
Electric snail shell.pngelectric snail shell 3 25% +5 5%
Forkhorned helm.pngfork-horned helm 3 25% +5 5%
Miners helmet.pngminer's helmet 3 25% +5 5%
Steel helmet.pngsteel helmet 3 25% +5 5%
Knollworm skull.pngknollworm skull 2 20% +4 4%
Frowning moon mask.pngfrowning moon mask 1 15% +3 3%
Gentling mask.pnggentling mask 1 15% +3 3%
Smiling sun mask.pngsmiling sun mask 1 15% +3 3%
Sun and moon mask.pngsun and moon mask 1 15% +3 3%
Issachari sun veil.pngIssachari sun veil 1 15% +3 3%


This information is reliable as of patch
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