Issachari sun veil

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Issachari sun veil
Issachari sun veil.png


Reputation Bonus

Issachari tribe: 200

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general, mask



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Issachari Sun Veil

Worn On


Spawns in



10 Heat

Issachari sun veil

A veil cut from a thin, flame-retardant fabric woven by the Issachari nomad tribes.

+200 reputation with Issachari tribe
+10 Heat Resistance


An Issachari sun veil is a type of face equipment.

Despite offering little physical protection, it does provide 10 heat resistance and 200 reputation with the Issachari tribe.


This section is opinion-based. Your mileage may vary.
  • While the extra 200 reputation alone is not enough to make the Issachari neutral to the player (it only brings the player to a reputation of -275, 26 short of neutral), the Issachari sun veil's bonus is enough if used in conjunction with the reputation bonus from an Issachari banner, or if the player has gained 26 or more reputation in some other manner, such as killing a disliked legendary.