Levant Face

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Levant Face
Levant face.png




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The Levant Face

Worn On



1 Strength

1 Agility

1 Toughness

1 Intelligence

1 Willpower

1 Ego

Extra Info:
Levant Face

Jasper rocks break on the edges of the mask and hem in a pale sea of milky quartz. The Spindle bisects the wide Face, and symmetry blooms beneath it. The inside of the mask is ribboned with burnt tracery from where it was molded on a gallium lathe, then dyed with the milked irises of shedim and set to dry in a pool of warm static.

+1 Willpower
+1 Ego
+1 Agility
+1 Toughness
+1 Strength
+1 Intelligence


Levant Face is a sultan relic located within the Tomb of the Eaters.

The Levant Face can be found, possibly alongside other sultan relics, in a reliquary located next to the tomb of the sultan belonging to the 4th period. This reliquary will be guarded by cherubs corresponding to factions from the sultan's history; these cherubs must be defeated before the Levant Face can be removed from the reliquary. As is true with all sultan masks, removing The Levant Face from the reliquary will cause the tombs and reliquaries of the other sultans to disappear, preventing the player from accessing their contents.

In addition to the stat bonuses listed here, the Levant Face will have additional effects based on the history of it's sultan; it will grant +200 reputation with any factions the sultan was favored by, and -200 reputation with any factions they were disliked by. It will also have a tier 5, armor-based relic effect based on the sultan's theme.[1][2]


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