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Spoiler Warning: This article contains spoilers regarding the Tomb of the Eaters. Proceed at your own discretion.

The sultan masks are special relics that once belonged to the sultans of Qud.

There are 6 sultan masks. These include the Kesil Face, Shemesh Face, Earth Face, Levant Face, Olive Face, and Null Face. Each mask corresponds to one of the six sultans from Qud's ancient history.

Each mask is a piece of equipment that can be worn in the face slot. These masks bestow their wearer with a variety of resistances and attribute bonuses, which are static for each mask across every playthrough. However, they also grant procedural effects, chosen based on their sultan's history.

Sultan masks cannot be duplicated with metamorphic polygel.


The sultan masks cannot be found in historic sites, as normal relics can, and are excluded from dynamic encounters. Instead, they can only be found within the Tomb of the Eaters.

Within the Tomb, directly above the Upper Crypts, the tombs of the 6 sultans can be found, beginning with the sultan from the 1st period and ending with the unfinished tomb. Next to each tomb will be a reliquary, which will contain the sultan's mask, possibly alongside other sultan relics. Each mask is tied to a specific period and will always be found within the reliquary of the sultan hailing from that period.

The reliquaries will always be guarded by cherubim corresponding to important factions from the sultan's history; the contents of the reliquary cannot be removed without defeating these cherubim.

Once a mask (or any other item) is removed from one of the reliquaries, the other 5 reliquaries will "retract" away and disappear, preventing their contents from being accessed. This means only one sultan mask can be acquired per playthrough.

Procedural Effects

Each mask has properties based on its sultan's history in addition to its static bonuses.

The masks will grant 200 reputation with any faction that their sultan had a favorable history with, and -200 reputation for every faction that sultan came into conflict with.

Additionally, each mask will grant a single armor-based relic effect based on their sultan's theme, with a static tier level that will affect the values of these relic effects.[1]

The Masks

Each mask has predetermined properties that are the same across all playthroughs. As a general rule, the masks from the earlier periods are much more powerful and valuable, while those in the later periods are weaker and worth much less. The masks prior to the 4th period also grant Telepathy, while those going forward do not.[2]

Mask Period Relic Tier Commerce Grants Telepathy?
Kesil Face 1 8 10,000 Yes
Shemesh Face 2 7 8,000 Yes
Earth Face 3 7 6,500 Yes
Levant Face 4 6 5,000 No
Olive Face 5 6 4,000 No
Null Face 6 6 4,000 No

The Null Face

The Null Face is unique among the sultan masks, always belonging to Resheph, whose history is static across all playthroughs.

The reliquary containing the Null Face can be found within the unfinished tomb, located at the top of the Tomb of the Eaters. Unlike with the other masks, this reliquary will never be guarded and can be taken from freely, although this will still cause the other sultan reliquaries to disappear.

The Null Face grants no stat bonuses of any kind and will not generate with a relic effect as the other sultan masks do. It has only a single static effect, which grants +70 reputation with all factions when worn. However, unlike the other masks, the Null Face can be modded with Tinkering, and can also sometimes generate with random tinkering mods on it.[2]


Currently, reliquaries will only retract if a sultan item is looted by the player.[3] Other, non-player-controlled, creatures capable of doing so, such as strip flies or pulsed field magnets, will not trigger the alarm.


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