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This article is a stub. You can help Caves of Qud Wiki by expanding it.
This article is a stub. You can help Caves of Qud Wiki by expanding it.

Caves of Qud contains 66 factions that are persistent across playthroughs, as well as many other procedurally generated factions that are unique to each playthrough, such as sultan cult factions and village factions. The NPCs of Qud belong to various factions and have varying starting reputation with the player character. Based on these reputations and individual creature demeanor, some will attack on sight, while others will remain neutral unless provoked.


Main article: Reputation
  • Hostile- Actively trying to attack the player. Cannot be spoken to for water rituals or conversations.
  • Neutral- Has no major feeling either way. Will become hostile if purposefully struck.
  • Friendly- If the creature that the faction is friendly to is attacked, all members will turn hostile towards the attacker.
Reputation Demeanor Other
Docile Neutral Aggressive
-600 Hostile Hostile Hostile
-599 to -250 Neutral Hostile Hostile
-249 to 249 Neutral Neutral Hostile Neutral demeanors will also be hostile in Holy Places
250 to 599 Friendly Friendly Friendly Creatures that can be pet will be allowed to be pet
600 Friendly Friendly Friendly

Water Ritual

Main article: Water Ritual

The water ritual can be initiated with most non-hostile legendary creatures via the dialogue box and is one of the primary ways of manipulating reputation. Killing a creature you have initiated the water ritual with will cause you character to become an oathbreaker, giving them -100 to -200 reputation with every faction.

Main Choices

Option Cost Result
I have a secret to share with you. +50 Give any secret that the faction is interested in finding.
I have some gossip that may interest you. +100 Give any gossip that the faction is interested in hearing.
Share a secret with me, water-sib. -50 The creature shares a secret that their faction is interested in sharing.
I would ask you to join me, water-sib. -(12 * (Creature's Level - Player's Level) + 200) or 50, whichever is higher Recruits that creature to be your follower. Unlike Beguiling or Proselytize, the player character can have an infinite number of concurrent followers through this method.
Live and drink, water-sib. 0 Ends the water ritual.

List of Factions

A list of all visible factions that are persistent across playthroughs (click headers to sort ascending/decending):
Toggle columns: Water Ritual Liquid - Recipe Taught

Faction Initial Player Reputation Skill Taught Recipe Taught Water Ritual Liquid
Faction Initial Player Reputation Skill Taught Recipe Taught Water Ritual Liquid
antelopes 0 Water
apes 0 Conk Water
arachnids -475 Lunge Water
baboons -300 Water
baetyls 0 Water
Barathrumites 0 Tinkering The Porridge Water
bears -475 Water
birds 0 Water
cannibals -500 Butchery Blood
cats -300 Acrobatics Water
Chavvah 0 Tomorrowful Crystal Delight Water
Children of Mamon -600 Blood
Consortium of Phyta -10 Snake Oiler Water
crabs -475 Calloused Water
cragmensch -500 Water
Cult of the Coiled Lamb 0 First Aid Water
Daughters of Exile 0 Repair Water
denizens of the Yd Freehold 0 Spicer Tongue and Cheek Water
dogs 300 Water
dromad merchants 0 Water
equines 0 Longstrider Water
Farmers' Guild 0 Water
Fellowship of Wardens -150 Shield Water
fish -400 Swimming Water
flowers 0 Persuasion Water
frogs -475 Jump Water
fungi 0 Water
Girsh -800 Water
Glow-Wights -650 Blood
goatfolk -475 Butchery Water
grazing hedonists 0 Water
hermits -100 Berate Water
highly entropic beings 0 Warm static
hindren of Bey Lah -200 Mah Lah Soup Water
insects -475 Water
Issachari tribe -475 Weathered Water
Mechanimists 0 Proselytize Water
Merchants' Guild 0 Water
mollusks -475 Slime
mopango -150 Bone Babka Water
mysterious strangers 0 Akimbo Water
Naphtaali tribe -350 Water
newly sentient beings 0 Water
oozes -550 Water
pariahs 0 Trash Divining Water
Putus Templar -700 Water
robots -475 Iron Mind Oil
roots -475 Wilderness Lore: Jungles Water
Seekers of the Sightless Way -500 Self-discipline Water
snapjaws -475 Water
succulents 0 Water
Sultan cult -500 Water
svardym -475 Jump Water
swine -475 Water
tortoises 0 Water
trees -300 Water
trolls -475 Water
unshelled reptiles -475 Water
urchins -500 Water
villagers of Ezra 0 Customs and Folklore Goat in Sweet Leaf Water
villagers of Joppa -140 Harvestry Apple Matz Water
villagers of Kyakukya 0 Cooking and Gathering Mulled Mushroom Cider Water
vines -475 Ambidexterity Water
water barons 0 Snake Oiler Water
winged mammals 0 Water
worms -475 Water

Hidden Factions

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Reason: What does it mean for a faction to be a child of another? Which factions are children of which other factions?

There are also factions that are ordinarily hidden from the player in-game, but visible factions are children of these factions. Because they were not intended to be encountered in game, they are not water ritualable.

A list of all visible factions (click headers to sort ascending/decending):

Faction Initial Player Reputation
Faction Initial Player Reputation
Beasts -475
Humanoids -475
Plants -475
Playerneutral 0
Solos 0
Waydroids 0
Cherubim 0
Playerhater -300
Slumberlings -475