Unshelled reptiles

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unshelled reptiles
Water Ritual Liquid


Initial Player


Parent Faction



Arachnids: Neutral0 Reputation
Cats: Neutral0 Reputation
Others: Hate-100 Reputation
Robots: Neutral0 Reputation
Snapjaws: Neutral0 Reputation
Birds: Neutral0 Reputation

in Learning

insect lairs, lava weeps

in Sharing

insect lairs, lava weeps

Old?Whether this faction existed during the
sultanate, which determines if they:
  • can be obliterated
  • can be fabricated
  • can be Cherubim
  • yes

    ID?Use this ID to Wish for faction reputation
    Example: factionrep:Unshelled Reptiles:100

    Unshelled Reptiles

    Unshelled reptiles are a faction that worship warm rocks and are one of the more populous of Qud's factions. The name "unshelled reptiles" is in contrast to tortoises, their shelled relatives. However, they hate each other the way they hate most other factions.

    Unshelled reptiles can be found in most biomes, including deep underground. The amount of high tier unshelled reptiles makes getting neutral or positive reputation a possible option to make the game less dangerous.

    Reputation altering

    Besides the standard ways of increasing or decreasing reputation, the player can take the defect Cold Blooded (D) for an extra +100 reputation. Wearing equipment that has the scaled mod also increases reputation for each piece by +250. If the player has the starting reputation, this means that to get neutral reputation, the player must:

    • be cold-blooded and have one scaled equipment
    • have two scaled equipment

    For positive reputation to make aggressive unshelled reptiles friendly such as the dawnglider:

    • have 3 scaled equipment
    • have 2 scaled equipment and at least -225 reputation
    • have 1 scaled equipment and at least 1 reputation, and so on

    Creatures in the Unshelled Reptiles Faction

    Items that affect Unshelled Reptile Reputation

    Item Reputation
    croccasins 100 unshelled reptiles reputation