Fellowship of Wardens

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Fellowship of Wardens
Water Ritual Liquid


Initial Player


Parent Faction

Villagers of Joppa


Beasts: Hate-100 Reputation
Fellowship of Wardens: Love100 Reputation
Fish: Like50 Reputation
Girsh: Hate-100 Reputation
Goatfolk: Hate-100 Reputation
Others: Neutral0 Reputation
Villagers of Kyakukya: Love100 Reputation
Villagers of Joppa: Love100 Reputation
Merchants' Guild: Love100 Reputation
Insects: Dislike-50 Reputation
Unshelled reptiles: Dislike-50 Reputation
Arachnids: Dislike-50 Reputation
Girsh: Hate-100 Reputation
Beasts: Dislike-50 Reputation
Snapjaws: Dislike-50 Reputation
Baboons: Dislike-50 Reputation
Apes: Dislike-50 Reputation
Crabs: Dislike-50 Reputation
Bears: Dislike-50 Reputation
Swine: Dislike-50 Reputation
Cannibals: Hate-100 Reputation
Tortoises: Dislike-50 Reputation
Worms: Dislike-50 Reputation
Oozes: Dislike-50 Reputation
Frogs: Dislike-50 Reputation
Naphtaali tribe: Disliked-50 Reputation
Putus Templar: Dislike-50 Reputation
Children of Mamon: Hate-100 Reputation
Glow-Wights: Hate-100 Reputation

in Learning


in Sharing


Skill Taught

Shield (-100 reputation)

Old?Whether this faction existed during the
sultanate, which determines if they:
  • can be obliterated
  • can be fabricated
  • can be Cherubim
  • no

    ID?Use this ID to Wish for faction reputation
    Example: factionrep:Wardens:100


    The Fellowship of Wardens is a faction in Caves of Qud. They are a diverse, but loosely organized, group that defend most of the larger settlements of Qud. Most villages will have a randomly generated Warden, though some will lack one. Wardens of randomly generated villages will not be able to be water ritualled, unless if the player character starts in a randomized village; then only the first starting village will have a water ritualable warden.

    As a Warden, weaker creatures will have an increased level, with increased Attributes to match. All randomly generated Wardens have a chance to gain new Mutations in addition to any innate ones they may already possess.

    Creatures in the Fellowship of Wardens Faction

    Items that affect Fellowship of Wardens Reputation

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