Putus Templar

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Putus Templar
Water Ritual Liquid


Initial Player



Beasts: Hate-100 Reputation
Barathrumites: Hate-100 Reputation
Mechanimists: Hate-100 Reputation
Glow-Wights: Hate-100 Reputation
Children of Mamon: Hate-100 Reputation
Girsh: Hate-100 Reputation
Others: Neutral0 Reputation
Villagers of Joppa: Neutral0 Reputation
Villagers of Kyakukya: Hate-100 Reputation

in Learning

anything except ruins, technology, historic sites, sultan history, cybernetic nook locations

in Sharing

Cybernetic nook locations, historic sites

Old?Whether this faction existed during the
sultanate, which determines if they:
  • can be obliterated
  • can be fabricated
  • can be Cherubim
  • no

    ID?Use this ID to Wish for faction reputation
    Example: factionrep:Templar:100


    The Putus Templar are one of the main antagonistic factions in Caves of Qud.

    True kin player characters start with neutrality with the Putus Templar, but the Templar are hostile to mutants. Specifically, true kin players start with -100 Templar reputation, and mutants start with -600. Knights and newfathers have a chance of wearing an ontological anchor, posing even more danger to espers.

    Like the playable true kin castes, the Putus Templar also follow particular cultural and mechanical themes, with the Putus Templar's themes being crusading knights and normality respectively.

    One legendary Templar of a dynamically generated party will carry a hoversled, a portable wall, and an Eaters' nectar injector. These injectors are not used by NPCs in combat.


    Templars can also use cybernetics and will have the implanted prefix on their name if they have installed cybernetics. Players with the Butchery skill can reclaim those cybernetics from the corpse of an implanted templar. For more info, see Butchery#Butchering and Cybernetics.

    Templar Chance of implants Implant Table License Tier(of at least)
    Knight Templar 25% Cybernetics4 6
    Gunner-Knight Templar 25% Cybernetics4 6
    Banner-Knight Templar 25% Cybernetics4 6
    Knight Commander of the Holy Temple 60% Cybernetics6 8

    Creatures in the Putus Templar Faction

    Items that affect Putus Templar Reputation

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