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Roil with me, and bubble over. Let us exceed ourselves!

— gyre wight of Agolgot

The Gyre wights are a faction comprised of the mutated human worshippers of the Girsh Nephilim. The cradles of the Nephilim are their holy places, and while legendary Gyre wights will share the locations of these cradles, they will fight to defend them from those they do not welcome.

Gyre wights
Water Ritual Liquid


Initial Player



Girsh: Love100 Reputation
Others: Neutral0 Reputation

in Learning

Girsh lairs

in Sharing

Girsh lairs, Nephilim cradles

Old?Whether this faction existed during the
sultanate, which determines if they:
  • can be obliterated
  • can be fabricated
  • can be Cherubim
  • no

    ID?Use this ID to Wish for faction reputation
    Example: factionrep:Gyre Wights:100

    Gyre Wights

    Creatures in the Gyre Wights Faction

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    Legendary Gyre Wights

    A shrine to Girsh Rermadon.
    A legendary Gyre Wight of Qas in a tent on the Stiltgrounds.

    One of the common odd encounters that generate in caves, ruins, and the flower fields is a shrine to one of the Girsh Nephilim. Aside from always having a chest with zone-appropriate loot, a clay pitcher filled with cider, and 6 to 10 crystal flowers adjacent to the shrine, there is a 25% chance for it to be attended by a stationary Gyre wight who follows the subject of the shrine. This Gyre wight has a 15% chance to be legendary.[1]

    Outside of these shrines, lone Gyre wights can rarely be found in the hookah tents or campsites of the Stiltgrounds. These Gyre wights have a 10% chance to be legendary.[1]

    Legendary Gyre wights will prioritize sharing the location of the specific Girsh Nephilim they worship over sharing any other secret.[2]


    Gyre wights carry items from the population table HumanoidEquipment, meaning they have one melee weapon and one piece of armor that are most likely of the same tier as them,[1] as well as a cloth robe and the fangs of the girshling associated with the Girsh Nephilim they worship: gyre wights of Agolgot have rank fangs, gyre wights of Rermadon have incandescent fangs, gyre wights of Qon have zigzag fangs, and the Gyre wights of the other three Nephilim have girshling fangs. None of them know any skills.

    Gyre wights have random physical mutations whose potential number and level differ between types of wight. They also have a one-in-two chance to have a random mental mutation which can be up to level 6.[2]

    The gyre wight apotheotes are exceptional among Gyre wights. They bear only their natural equipment: \filed fangs and a pair of \glinted nail claws, made deadlier by their wielders knowing the Short Blade and Bloodletter skills. Apotheotes also lack the chance to have a mental mutation like the other Gyre wights, but as inhabitants of the Moon Stair they may receive one by spawning in a psychic biome. Finally, they are the only Gyre wights whose base demeanor is aggressive rather than neutral.

    While Gyre wights do not initiate combat with the Girsh, the Girsh do not tolerate Gyre wights and attack them on sight.


    In the conclusion of What's Eating the Watervine? if the player tells Elder Irudad that they've seen or spoken to a "strange figure" near the defanged girshling they found, he correctly guesses that the figure was a gyre wight of Agolgot.

    Oh? In dyed robes, flashing gestures of hand, and ranting about pipe milk? A gyre wight, must be. Those monads worship the Girsh Nephilim as halfgods.

    If the player instead mentions that the girshling had had its fangs removed, he explains that Gyre wights "bind the teeth right up to their own gums, to make a show for the Girsh Nephilim." Indeed, girshling fangs and their variants provide +100 reputation with the Girsh.

    The Gyre wights are described in From Entropy to Hierarchy and its 2nd Edition, authored by Q Girl, where she contrasts their beliefs with those of the dogmatic Putus Templar in her work towards outlining an ideal, balanced society.

    The Two Poles

    ... The ethos of the Gyre wights is chaotic self-indulgence, manic quickening (a mulish desire to see things fall apart faster), and a fetishization of history's dice rolls. They billow like an excited gas, smashing into each other as often as anyone else, and peeling bits of order from the communities they rancify. They are exponents of senseless violence.

    From Entropy to Hierarchy

    Erratum on the Gyre wights

    An instructive discussion with a screw-sorting friend has altered my viewing plane. They relayed a dream of the Rainbow Wood, and through quite vivid metaphorization wrought a compelling argument of death as the ladder to life, which among other consequences softened my position on the Gyre wight project, if such a thing can be titled. Where am I at with it all now? I do not know. But my schema of Two Poles now feels excessive and reductive. I leave the original language in this edition for consideration.

    From Entropy to Hierarchy, 2nd Edition


    Subpage: Gyre wights/Conversations


    • The designs of the Gyre wights' robes in their tiles resemble their respective Nephilim.
    • While the following dialogue has been revised and removed since before the Seventh Plague update, and should not be assumed to still be canon, it explained why and how the glow-wight apotheotes came to be. While gyre wight apotheotes still exist in-game, and the Gyre wights still revere transformation, they are orphaned from this context:
    The glow-wights consume (the girshlings') corpses in order to reshape themselves in the images of the Girsh demons.

    Elder Irudad, upon completion of What's Eating the Watervine?


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