What's Eating the Watervine?

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What's Eating the Watervine?


Given By



Villagers of Joppa

Reputation gained


NPCs Involved

Elder Irudad, Mehmet


What's Eating the Watervine? is one of the first quests that players can encounter when starting the game in Joppa. Given by Mehmet when asking him for work, the quest tasks the player with killing the strange creatures which have been eating Joppa's watervine, and returning with a corpse as proof. What's Eating the Watervine? is not available if a random village start was chosen.

Completing the quest requires the player to travel to Red Rock, two parasangs north of Joppa, and bring back the corpse of a girshling to Elder Irudad. The level of Red Rock with the girshlings can be accessed by travelling north of Joppa and then descending at Red Rock, or by going down at Joppa and going north through the waterlogged tunnel. It is generally much safer to find the girshlings by descending through Red Rock, due to the more dangerous enemies present in the waterlogged tunnel.

Upon returning to Elder Irudad with a girshling corpse, he will explain lore regarding Resheph, the Gyre, and the Girsh Nephilim to the player, in addition to giving the quest's rewards.


Travel to Redrock

XP: 50

Find the critters

XP: 100

  • Find the creatures that are eating Joppa's watervine.

Get a critter corpse

XP: 100

  • Collect a corpse of one of the creatures.

Take care not to kill them with fire or Light Manipulation or their corpses will turn to ash.

Return with a critter corpse

XP: 750

  • Return to Joppa with the corpse of a watervine eating creature from Red Rock.



You solved the mystery of the chewed-up watervine and warned the villagers of Joppa of the Girsh.