Decoding the Signal

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Decoding the Signal is an early-mid game quest that sends the player to a Mechanimist compound, the Temple of the Rock, located in the frozen depths of Bethesda Susa.


Get Q Girl's Instructions onto the Data Disk

XP: 250

  • Speak to Q Girl in the workshop and ask her to encode her instructions for the baetyl onto the disk

Locate the Mechanimist Compound at Bethesda Susa

XP: 2500

  • Travel north to the great cavern Bethesda Susa and locate the Mechanimist temple.

Decode the Signal

XP: 4000

  • Infiltrate the Mechanimist compound, engage the baetyl, and decode the signal.

Return to Grit Gate

XP: 6000

  • Return to Grit Gate and speak with Otho.


New quest available: The Earl of Omonporch


You spoke with the baetyl at the Temple of the Rock and decoded the mysterious signal.