Fjorn-Kosef, Who Knits The Icy Lattice

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Fjorn-Kosef, Who Knits The Icy Lattice
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Troll King 2


trolls (Loved100 Reputation)





Corpse Dropped

troll corpse (90%)

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1900 XP

XP Tier




Extra info:
  • Swarm Alpha: As long as this creature is adjacent to its target, it grants +2 to the swarm bonuses of each other swarmer who is adjacent to its target.
  • This creature is unique
  • Can perform the Water Ritual, and teaches their main faction's skill
  • Weighs 201 lbs

Limbs* (Humanoid): * Excludes limbs granted via mutations
Fjorn-Kosef, Who Knits The Icy Lattice

A lattice of frostknit swaddles his coarse beard and bushy brow hair. The great, bony slab of his head is wreathed in a crown of ice-breath, and his arms, long and dwindled and dead-pale, are tattooed in patterns of twinkling filament.


Fjorn-Kosef, Who Knits The Icy Lattice is a legendary troll encountered in the second Healing Pool level of Bethesda Susa. He is the second of the three legendary trolls found there, being preceded by Jotun, Who Parts Limbs and followed by Haggabah, Who Plies The Umbral Path.


Fjorn-Kosef uses his fists to fight in melee combat, as well as a mutation unique to him, Frost Webs, at range.

Melee Combat

Fjorn-Kosef has two ice-encrusted fists, classified as cudgel weapons, which he uses to fight in melee combat. They deal ♥1d61-6 (Avg: 3.5) base damage, plus 3-4 cold damage, and have 9 PV due to Fjorn-Kosef's Strength bonus.


To supplement his fists, Fjorn-Kosef possesses Cudgel Proficiency as well as several skills from the Dual Wield skill tree, including Offhand Strikes and Ambidexterity. Finally, he has the Swimming skill, allowing him to move more quickly through the pools of convalessence found within his lair. [1]

Frost Webs

Fjorn-Kosef possesses a unique mutation known as Frost Webs. This grants him the "Knit Frosty Webs" activated ability, which when used, allows him to create frosty webs on a tile of his choosing up to 12 tiles away. The selected tile will be guaranteed to populate with webs, while the 4 tiles orthogonally adjacent to that selected will have an 80% chance of being populated.[2] The webs themselves behave much like normal webs, causing creatures to become stuck upon occupying the same tile as them, but have the additional effect of cooling creatures next to or within them due to their extremely low temperature of -250°. This can cause the creature to freeze following prolonged exposure.


Like the other legendary trolls, Fjorn-Kosef will begin to bud when the player is within the same zone as him, which will cause him to produce a troll foal in an adjacent tile after 1d5+1112-16 (Avg: 14) rounds. These foals are allied to Fjorn-Kosef and share his alignments, attacking anything hostile to him. Fjorn-Kosef will begin to bud again immediately after producing each troll foal; however, he cannot produce more foals if he is surrounded on all sides by creatures or walls, or if there are already 18 troll foals within the current zone.[3]

Special Properties

Fjorn-Kosef has the unique property of being extremely difficult to freeze himself, having a freezing point and brittle temperature of -9999°.

Additionally, like the other legendary trolls, Fjorn-Kosef is capable of holding two-handed weapons in one hand; however, his ice-encrusted fists prevent him from holding anything.

Progressing Past

Main article: Slumping metal door

Fjorn-Kosef's lair has a small room located at the southeast corner containing stairs down, leading further into Bethesda Susa. The room is composed of marble walls; entry is permitted through a silver slumping metal door, unlocked via a silver key. One can always be found within Fjorn-Kosef's inventory, though such a key can also be obtained in other ways, notably as a reward from village quests. The key can be retrieved by killing Fjorn-Kosef, or by trading with him if the player's reputation with trolls is sufficiently high.

Entering the room containing the stairs does not necessarily require the player to go through the door; they can also break the walls or circumvent them through other methods, such as phasing through them or Teleporting past them. Additionally, creating stairs down using a spiral borer can allow the player to skip the room entirely.


This section is opinion-based. Your mileage may vary.
  • A high level of Cold Resistance is recommended when fighting Fjorn-Kosef due to his many temperature-reducing abilities.
  • Avoid getting caught within the frosty webs, as they will immobilize the player and lower their temperature, reducing their Quickness and eventually freezing them solid.
  • Combat can be completely avoided if the player's reputation with trolls is high enough.


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