Multiweapon Fighting

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This information is reliable as of patch If this is no longer the current patch, you can help by updating it.
As of Patch This information is reliable as of patch
Multiweapon Fighting
Skill Tree

Multiweapon Fighting


150 sp


17 Agility, 17 Strength



You are skilled at multiweapon fighting. Your chance to attack with offhand weapons is increased.

The Multiweapon Fighting skill tree improves creatures' ability to fight with multiple weapons at the same time.

The Multiweapon Proficiency, Multiweapon Expertise, and Multiweapon Mastery skills all provide an additive bonus to the chance of performing attacks with an Offhand weapon. Skills in this tree apply to both inorganic and organic limbs.

Skills in the Multiweapon Fighting skill tree

Skill Cost Stat Prerequisites Description
Flurry 0 17 Agility 17 Strength Activated; cooldown 60. You make an attack with every hand, including extra hands granted by mutation or technology.
Multiweapon Proficiency 0 17 Agility 17 Strength Your chance to strike with each of your offhand weapons is increased by 20%.
Multiweapon Expertise 150 23 Agility 23 Strength Multiweapon Proficiency Your chance to strike with each of your offhand weapons is increased by 35%.
Multiweapon Mastery 200 27 Agility 27 Strength Multiweapon Expertise Your chance to strike with each of your offhand weapons is increased by 50%.

Factions that can teach Multiweapon Fighting

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Creatures That Have Multiweapon Fighting


  • Multiweapon Fighting works very well with Chimera builds and in particular "ball of limb"-style builds, which attempt to give the player character as many limbs as possible. Each additional hand increases the number of attacks that the player can perform per turn.
  • You can view your offhand attack chance for a given offhand weapon by [l]ooking at it in the equipment menu; this can be helpful in determining how many attacks you may be able to perform per turn with Multiweapon Fighting.
  • For mutants, the Multiple Arms mutation works very well in conjunction with Multiweapon Fighting.
  • Helping hands and the circle of light in the chord of Agolgot provide additional limbs, making them strong items to use alongside this skill tree.


  • Multiweapon Fighting was added in the 7th Plague patch ( Prior to that, Dual Wield was the primary skill tree related to fighting with multiple weapons.