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A brushed metal pyramid floats in place and shoulders an array of stemmed articulators, some holding scalpels, some suturers, and all dripping with the amniotic draught of life.


A cloneling is a creature commonly found throughout Bethesda Susa. Though a cloneling has four scalpels it can use as melee weapons, its principal threat is its ability to produce clones using a supply of cloning draught.

A cloneling spawns with 10-40 uses of its cloning ability.[1] Periodically, a cloneling will pick a random tile it can see, and if it finds a cloneable creature there that it matches phase and flight with, will attempt to clone that creature. [2] If it succeeds, the ability will be on cooldown for 2d102-20 (Avg: 11) turns, and a clone of the creature will be created. This clone:

  • has "clone of" prepended to their name
  • shares the original creature's faction affiliations[3]
  • and has an empty inventory (much as if they had been cloned using cloning draught).
  • cannot be water ritualed
  • if the original was water ritualled, does not count as being ritualled for the sake of breaking the water ritual oath
  • their experience value is halved[4]

If their cloning is on cooldown, they will prefer to wander around.


When a cloneling is defeated, they have a chance of dropping a phial of cloning draught. This chance increases the more uses of the cloning ability they have left. The probability is: [5]

This means that the chance is around 0% - 8% at the very maximum, with an average of 5% if it has not made any clones.

Refilling Uses

If the cloneling is nonhostile or the player character is a cloneling, a new context menu relating to them allows the player to refill cloning usages using cloning draught. This requires 1 pure dram of cloning draught, and will refill the uses back to the maximum of 40. [6]

Clonelings can also drink from a container containing cloning draught to refill uses. If the dram consumed is unpure, the uses will only fill in proportion to the amount of cloning draught in that dram. This number is not additive: for example, if there are still 5 uses left and the dram consumed refills 20 because the liquid was 50% draught and 50% water, the number of uses left will be set to only 20.


This article has information that is missing or not up to par.
Reason: Do player clones always spawn as hostile?

Clonelings are most threatening when there are powerful cloneable hostiles nearby, since their clones will also be hostile. However, if the player or the player's party members have offensive area of effect abilities, any clones of them will share these abilities and use them without restriction, leaving the player vulnerable to crossfire even when the clones are friendly. Consequently, prioritising the destruction of clonelings is often a good idea.

True Kin can use rebuked clonelings to clone merchants en masse. It's possible to temporarily turn off a cloneling follower's cloning ability. Mutants may alternatively Proselytize clonelings. A Ganglionic teleprojector may be used on an allied cloneling to target specific merchants with its ability, rather than letting it pick recipients randomly. However, targeting yourself with the cloneling is not recommended, as it will result in a hostile clone.


This information is reliable as of patch
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