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Rodanis Y
Rodanis Y


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Rodanis Y


Barathrumites (Loved100 Reputation)
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Rodanis Y

A machine wrought from some primordial black metal into the likeness of a man, Rodanis Y towers over the halls of Grit Gate.


Rodanis Y is a robotic member of the Barathrumites and robots factions and an inhabitant of Grit Gate.[1] They are a large humanoid robot.


Rodanis Y is a robot presumably constructed by the Barathrumites to defend Grit Gate under dire circumstances. Little is known about Rodanis Y, as they do not speak, and are only mentioned briefly by Otho during A Call to Arms, where he tells the player how to activate them.


When first encountered in Grit Gate, Rodanis Y will be deactivated due to a lack of power. While deactivated, Rodanis Y will be completely incapable of movement or action of any kind, and will remain so until they are provided with energy via broadcast power.[2] They require 500 units of energy per turn to remain activated.[3]

Rodanis Y can be activated after the player acquires the chrome security card, which is given to them by Otho at the start of Grave Thoughts. While in possession of the chrome security card, the player will be able to interact with Rodanis Y and activate them, which will remotely activate Grit Gate's broadcast power station and provide Rodanis Y with energy.[4][5] The player can also utilize the card to activate the station directly. During A Call to Arms, the player can utilize Ereshkigal to remotely activate the broadcast power station, which will take 100 amps from Grit Gate's power supply. If the station is deactivated, Rodanis Y will also deactivate.

If Rodanis Y is higher in elevation than 3 strata below the surface, they will be able to generate their own energy via broadcast, so long as there are no phenomena occluding the signal, and will generate 1,000[3] units of energy per turn.[6] Due to Grit Gate being exactly 3 strata below the surface, Rodanis Y is unable to power themself there.

So long as Rodanis Y is activated, they will flash purple.[3]


While deactivated, Rodanis Y is totally inert and cannot engage in combat. When activated, Rodanis Y will be neutral to the player by default but will attack them if the player attacks Rodanis Y or any Barathrumites in view of them, except during A Call to Arms. Rodanis Y can also become hostile if the player's reputation with the Barathrumites falls low enough.


Rodanis Y attacks in melee with their \tungsten carbide axe-fist and \tungsten carbide hammer-fist, which are an axe and a cudgel weapon respectively. Each fist has a +6 to-hit bonus and a penetration cap of 14, and deals ♥2d32-6 (Avg: 4) damage. The axe-fist will always be modded with a special version of serrated, and will have a 60% chance to dismember targets on hit.[3] Additionally, the axe-fist will always be on Rodanis Y's primary hand, and the hammer-fist on their offhand.


Rodanis Y possesses the Cudgel Proficiency, Bludgeon, Slam, Axe Proficiency, and Dismember skills. These allow them to daze, stun, and dismember their targets. Rodanis Y will knock opponents an extra 4 tiles when using Slam, for a maximum distance of 7 tiles, which can cause considerable collateral damage during A Call to Arms. Additionally, Rodanis Y possesses every skill in the Dual Wield skill tree, allowing them to make attacks more often with their offhand, as well as granting them use of the Flurry ability.[3]


If the player attempts to speak to Rodanis Y while they are deactivated, they will be met with the following message:

Rodanis Y is utterly unresponsive.

Otherwise, they will only respond randomly with one of the following:

[ Rodanis Y ]

*beep boop*

*boop beep*

*beep boop beep*

*boop beep boop*

1) Live and... remain ever rustless. [End]


This information is reliable as of patch
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